How do wounds heal?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
October 9, 2014
How do wounds heal?

The tissues of the body are able to regenerate with time, but this process takes time. How wounds heal and why this can happen for a long time, we will look at in our article.

How and how long the wounds heal

Wound repair occurs in three stages:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Proliferation
  3. Scar formation

At the stage of inflammation, the organism struggles with the infection that has penetrated. A blood clot appears that stops the bleeding. Also formed edema. This swelling can cause pressure on the nerve tissue, causing pain. After a week, the wound cavity begins to fill with a tissue called granulation.

At the second stage, the wound is actively filled with epithelial tissue. There is a scar, and then the capillaries, which are saturated with blood, and therefore the scar looks scarlet or has a purple hue.

The third stage takes place from the fourth week and can last for quite a long time, up to a year. The epithelium is formed, the scar pales and the primary collagen, which was formed in the second phase, is replaced by the secondary one.This completes the wound healing process. If you want to learn more about sutures and wounds, then you can read the article How Heals Heals.

What determines the rate of healing

The wound can heal for a very long time. It all depends on a number of factors:

  • Depth and length of cut
  • The quality of the bandage
  • Drug use
  • Impact on the wound (movement, pressure).

Complicated wounds often require stitching. It would seem that this should accelerate healing, but tissue regeneration depends not only on the presence of a suture, but also on the use of drugs. At the same time, even if the patient will receive medication and eliminate the effect on the wound, it will still take time for her to heal. This is primarily due to the genetic characteristics of the human body.

How to heal the wound faster

There are various methods to accelerate wound healing. In addition to medications, traditional medicine remains effective. For example:

Bee Honey

Thanks to honey, you can eliminate inflammation, improve blood flow. It speeds up the healing process. Honey can be treated not only cuts, but also burns, as well as purulent wounds and frostbite.It is best to use a gauze bandage that you just need to soak with honey and apply to the wound.


Chamomile also has good properties that can be used to heal wounds. It is enough to prepare a solution of chamomile, mixing it with boiled water. Allow to cool, as a result, the tincture should get warm. Then moisten with cotton and apply to the wound. Wrap a gauze. You need to keep such a compress for half an hour and apply it twice a day every day.

Do not tie the wound too tight, because the flow of oxygen to it also promotes healing.