How to disable the Internet on Samsung?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
February 28, 2013
How to disable the Internet on Samsung?

Some samsung mobile applications quite actively “access” the Internet. This feature can cause serious financial damage to those people whose phones are not connected to unlimited Internet tariffs. It is in such situations that the question of how to turn off the Internet on samsung is particularly acute.


  1. When the user does not want to use the phone as an access to various network resources, then the best solution here is a personal appeal to the operator’s specialists, asking them to completely disable the data transfer service.
  2. How to disable the Internet samsung galaxy will help to understand and technical support of the company-mobile operator. Tell us about your problem and ask to disconnect the data transmission service via the Internet. It is possible that to implement this, you will need to go to the operator’s office to draw up a statement.
  3. In samsung galaxy ace, you can turn off the Internet by restarting your mobile phone, having previously disconnected the data service.
  4. Independently turn off the Internet in a mobile phone by changing the settings for connecting to the Internet. To do this, turn on the mobile phone and go to the device settings menu.
  5. First, you can try to completely block access to the Internet. Open the "Protection" menu, go to "Block access to the Internet" and activate this item, enter the password. (Only in the instructions for mobile phone need to find the value of this password).
  6. If this action fails, then simply set the wrong settings for connecting to the network. Find the item responsible for Internet access and enter the wrong values ​​of the access point. Enter the Personal Configuration feature and enter the new password and username values.
  7. Now you need to save the entered parameters and restart the mobile. Just remember that the GPRS Internet of many modern devices can be determined automatically.
  8. So, it is necessary to disable the Wi-Fi adapter on your mobile device. Deactivate the automatic connection function with open access points. Such networks can be used by attackers to hack the phone.