How to treat urinary incontinence

You will need
  • - honey, onions, apples;
  • - dill seed.
If you experience problems involuntary urine should be consulted with the urologist. Only a qualified specialist will be able to help understand the symptoms of the disease and prescribe a specific treatment. There are two types of traditional treatment - conservative and surgical. The choice of method depends on the type and degree of incontinence. As a rule, medical treatments and special therapeutic exercises for the muscles of the genitourinary system are more effective for young patients. The older the patient's age, the weaker the urethra and the more it is shown its surgical reinforcement.
Conservative methods of treating enuresis include developing the habit of emptying the bladder after a certain period of time, first in an hour, in a month this time can be increased by another hour. But this period should not be increased too much - 2.5-3 hours is the optimal time interval.
Do not drink excessive amounts of water, exclude watermelons, celery, grapes, cucumbers and other products that have a pronounced diuretic effect. But products with a high content of fiber have a very beneficial effect on the stable retention of urine.
Fight incontinence constipation. Nicotine is a strong irritant to the surface of the bladder, and cough associated with smoke provokes urine leakage. Get rid of excess weight, these kilograms create additional stress on the bladder.
A lot of well-developed double urination techniques and Kegel exercises, aimed at strengthening the pelvic muscles, helps to avoid surgery.
In case of urinary incontinence, traditional medicine recommends using the following prescription. Take 0.5 kg of honey, twisted in a meat grinder of onions and pureed apples, carefully mixed, put the prepared mixture in a jar with a tight lid and place in the refrigerator. Take a tablespoon three times daily before meals. After finishing one serving, take a monthly break and repeat the treatment.Take 3-4 courses per year to get the desired result.