How to treat spikes?

Adhesions are formed between the tissues and internal organs, they consist of scar tissue. If this disease is not identified in time, the adhesive process will lead to a change in the structure of tissues and disturbances in the functioning of the internal organs. Therefore, you should timely approach the issue of how to treat adhesions.

Causes and symptoms

Basically, adhesions are formed due to the inflammatory process present in the body. They "stick" the space between the organs and do not allow the infection to penetrate into other organs.

Adhesions can be formed in people of different ages. They are especially dangerous for the health of children, since the child’s body is still growing and adhesions can disrupt the growth of organs and lead to serious disturbances.

Sometimes this disease is completely asymptomatic. But in most cases it is characterized by pain in the field of their education.

The most common adhesions in the fallopian tubes (cause infertility), pleural adhesions of the lungs (difficult breathing). Even the most frivolous symptoms (bloating, constipation) may indicate the presence of adhesions in the intestines.

Adhesions treatment

We will tell you how to treat pelvic adhesions.How to treat the disease in an already neglected state? Ways to treat adhesions:

  1. operative - laparoscopy with dissection of adhesions;
  2. conservative - drugs and physiotherapy.

With the problem of how to treat adhesions in the fallopian tubes, lungs, intestines, you can contact the osteopathic center. It happens that the use of manual exposure to anatomical structures helps to recover without an operation.

Preventing the appearance of adhesions

Adhesions may form after a cesarean section and capture the intestine, bladder. Normally, after performing any surgical interventions, the body itself starts the adhesive process so that the tissues heal. But sometimes the restored organ continues to grow together with neighboring organs and tissues. Then you can talk about adhesive disease.

How to treat adhesions after surgery? This problem interests all who are concerned about pain - the main signs of adhesions. After surgery, anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended for the prevention of adhesions. It is also desirable to lead an active lifestyle, and not to sit in one place.When we move, internal organs also come in a small movement that does not allow them to grow together.

The way to treat ovarian adhesions is through physiotherapy. Thanks to them, the adhesions become thinner, the work of the pelvic organs is improved and the pain is reduced.

How to treat intestinal adhesions? To get started is to consult a doctor, so as not to start the disease and not get complications.

In case of adhesive disease, injections of aloe and vitamins are prescribed. And when the inflammatory process has decreased, electrophoresis is carried out with magnesium, calcium and zinc. This procedure is completely painless.


Laparoscopy is used when the disease is in neglect. It is prescribed in cases where drug and physiotherapy treatment can not completely cure organs from adhesions.

The essence of the operation is that the doctor does not make large incisions, but penetrates the body through several small incisions. With the help of a microscopic camera, the entire course of the operation, which is carried out inside, can be tracked on the screen in the operating room.For the prevention of the appearance of new adhesions after laparoscopy, physiotherapy treatment is prescribed.

Folk remedies

In addition to medical and physiotherapy treatment, you can apply the tools of traditional medicine. Here are some recipes for treating spikes with folk remedies. For example, you can take flax seed (2 tbsp. L.), Wrap it in gauze and dip it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Cool to room temperature without removing from this water. Next, the gauze must be pressed and applied to the sore spot at night. It is recommended to carry out this procedure twice a week. The course of treatment you determine yourself depending on the speed of recovery.

For the treatment of adhesions of the appendages, you can apply the extract from the root of Bergenia. Infusion of it make douching, as well as take it inside. The infusion is made from 60 g of crushed Badan root and 350 g of warm water. He is allowed to brew for half a day, then filtered. Store in the refrigerator. Inside take for three days for 3 tsp. three times a day. Douching done in the morning and evening.

What happens if untreated adhesions?

If time does not cure adhesions of the uterus, it can lead not only to infertility, but also the sex life itself will be deprived of pleasure due to pain that occurs during intimacy.

Lack of treatment for adhesions of the bowel disease can smoothly turn into obstruction, accompanied by exacerbation of pain, nausea and vomiting. And all this may join violations in the work of the organs of the entire digestive tract. Therefore, it is necessary to know in time how to treat the spikes, and start it immediately.