How to tie an angel

Prepare a thin yarn of beige, white and yellow colors, as well as multi-colored floss threads, hooks of different sizes, a hairpin, PVA glue and soft filler for the doll.
Separately, following the patterns, knit the head with the neck, torso, arms and legs of a doll from yarn of the desired color. If desired, tie up smaller parts - fingers and nose. Knit the head with circular knitting, diminishing the loops and reducing the number of columns towards the neck.
Do not tie the torso to the end - in the middle of knitting, insert a wire frame into it and tamp the torso with soft filler. Tie the torso, diminishing the loop in the direction of the neck. In the knitting of the doll's legs, carefully knit the foot and heel.
Fill your headlittle angela filler and make him a hairstyle from threads of yellow color, having sewn yarn to the head with a chain stitch manually. Sew a nose to your face, sew a face with red and black floss threads. Put on the wire frame protruding from the body, arms and legs, and sew them with a secret seam to the body.
Then make a pattern of clothes for the doll and tie her a dress of openwork motifs. Sew a brilliant bead to each openwork motif.
In order to make angel wings, make a wire frame and tie it with white yarn with crochet stitches. Also, the wire can be simply wrapped with white thread. Crochet openwork patterns resembling a seashell on a hairpin and fill the frame of the wings with these knitted patterns.
Finally, tie the angel a nimbus - for this, tie a beautiful band of twenty-eight elongated loops. Sew the beads on each piece of braid.