How to take the initiative

To takeinitiativein theirarmsFirst of all, evaluate your real possibilities. If you are a timid, indecisive person, subject to doubts and have never put forward serious initiatives before, relying on her husband in everything, then it will be psychologically difficult for you to cope with the new role. Do you really need it? Perhaps it would be more correct to gently push the husband to the necessary decisions?
If you have come to the conclusion that you cannot do otherwise, and you are able to make decisions and take responsibility for their implementation, then try to change your line of conduct and some “non-leading” character traits. Cultivate confidence, firmness, consistency, demandingness towards yourself and your family members.
Stay on top of everything that happens in the family, what your spouse and children live with. Take care of everyday affairs and solving everyday issues. You should not expect someone to make utility bills, repair a leaking faucet in the kitchen, make repairs, or go to a parent meeting.But this does not mean that you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You must properly organize its implementation and control the process.
More often offer your ideas and bring them to mind. Try to gain experience and skills in making important decisions. These decisions must be correct and logical. Do not solve problems with emotions. Do not give up outstanding cases and do not change the decision if you made it. So you will gradually gain unconditional authority in your family.
Before pushing anyinitiative, analyze the possibility of its implementation. You must be deeply proficient in this topic! Make a clear plan of action. Each of its points should be clear and understandable, first of all, to you yourself. This will increase your confidence in the success of the event and affect the mood of family members.
It is not enough for the family to put forward the idea and achieve its formal approval in order for it to be implemented. Act consistently and monitor how it is performed until you are satisfied with the results.
Do not forget that if you take on the solution of absolutely all tasks, you automatically deprive other members of your family of the opportunity to feel necessary, respected, and self-sufficient.Think whether you want to see your relatives with the ordinary “cogs” of your will? And how long will this situation suit them? In strong families, decisions are made together or, at least, roles in them are distributed in accordance with the capabilities and competence of the husband and wife in a particular area. Takeinitiativein matters that are close to you, and leave it to your husband to show her in what he is strong.