How to take a house?

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How to take a house?

To become the owner of the house, cottage, cottage, land and any other real estate, you will have to take part in the process of registering property. In this article we will consider in detail how the process of registration of the house in the property.

Documents for home decoration

You can proceed directly to the paperwork, when you have decided exactly what kind of house you want to buy. Tips on this topic can be found in the article - How to choose a house.

The land legislation stipulates a large number of nuances, depending on which, the set of documents and the procedure for registration of ownership of the house may vary. But, one way or another, you can consider the most typical situation. You want to buy a piece of land on which the house is already standing (holiday or garden, for example). To do this you will need to collect a certain set of documents. It includes:

  • the document that establishes the ownership of the land;
  • a document that confirms the construction of the house and contains a description of the building (if it is a garden or summer house, then, as a rule, this is a declaration that the owner compiles independently; otherwise, the building must pass a technical cadastral registration, after which you will receive a cadastral passport );
  • statement;
  • receipt, which indicates the payment of state duty;
  • passport or, if necessary, power of attorney for the applicant.

As spelled out in paragraph 5 of Art. 25.3 of the Federal Law on Registration of Rights, you should not be asked for any additional documents, which, for example, confirm the description of the home provided by the applicant.

Having prepared the above designated package of documents, you can contact the territorial unit or the institution of the Federal Registration Service. Morally prepare for the fact that the registration of property rights may take a certain amount of time.