How to speed up the video?

Most users on the Internet are faced with the problem of video deceleration while watching videos on various video hosting sites and sites. The main reason for this is insufficient bandwidth for viewing your Internet channel. Also, the performance of your computer may be causing this.

Another case is when you need to speed up the video available on the PC (for example, to quickly play any parts of a movie of the same type). This will help you convenient video editor "Video Montage". In addition, the program allows you to slow down the video. Download it here:

How to speed up the video while watching it on the Internet? To begin with, we advise you to try scrolling a page a couple of times, you can also alternately switch tabs in your web browser, minimize or expand it. Perhaps the computer just hung up while watching, so these actions can "bring him to life" for a bit. If these actions caused even more inhibition, or vice versa, they started the process of viewing the video, then the matter was really in the performance of your computer.The fact is that when you watch a video online, the computer produces significantly more work than when you watch a video that was on your computer.

  • Before speeding up video downloads, you also need to determine which component in your PC can cause braking. In the case when during video playback you observe that it is accompanied by a crash or a blinking LED that indicates the processor load on your system unit, this means that your computer does not have enough RAM. In this case, the computer starts to access the swap partition or swap file (it depends on the operating system that is installed on your PC and also on its settings) on the hard disk. This section is used in the form of additional RAM. Since the hard disk is considered to be a slow device, as opposed to a dynamic RAM memory, this can slow down the loading of online video. If such a phenomenon occurs very often, then we recommend physically increasing the size of your RAM.
  • If you did not observe the access to the swap partition, that is, the LED is constantly on the system unit, then the slow response of the computer can be caused by the slow processing of the video stream by the Flash Player plugin.This may be due to insufficient processor frequency. In this case, you will have nothing to do, how to replace the processor with a more productive one. We do not recommend overclocking the processor. This can cause its failure, and even overclocking the processor will not be able to give the processor high performance.
  • If you find that your computer’s reaction is normal in your opinion, while the video playback is slow, and you can watch the periodically rotating ring on the video, then the most likely reason may be due to the slow video playback speed. The main reason is the insufficient bandwidth of the Internet channel from your provider. The most obvious way to increase it is to switch to another tariff, which foresees a higher speed.
  • If you did not pay for the Internet anymore in your nearest plans, then you can speed up online video thanks to the settings of the online video player. Find the "Settings" item in the lower right corner, where click on the lowest video resolution. The smallest is 240 lines.The video stream during this setup will be much faster, However, the only drawback is the loss of image quality.

Acceleration video in Sony Vegas

Many people know about the possibilities of this program. In it, you can not only create different videos, but also apply different effects. One of them is speeding up or slowing down video speed.

Instructions for speeding up video in Sony Vegas

How to speed up video in Sony Vegas? To do this, run the program itself and drag the necessary video into the project data area. Next, drag it to the "timeline".

  • Click on it with the right mouse button, and then in the pop-up menu, select: Paste, then “Remove envelope”, then select Speed.
  • After that, you will have a green line, which will allow you to change the speed. Before you speed up the video in Vegas, you will need to drag this line up to slow down and drag it down.
  • For example, to speed up the video twice, drag it to the 200 mark, etc.