How to remove a man?

When a man tries to remove a woman for sex, it all seems normal. But when a woman does this, it leads to universal condemnation. So what is the difference between the strong and the weaker sex? Do we not have the same desires and physiological needs? It is believed that women must burden themselves with a serious relationship, almost to save themselves for one man until the wedding. These times are long gone. There are several tricks that will teach you how to remove a man so that he does not notice.

How to come to the bar

The easiest way to remove a man in a bar. In this place, all people rest. Everyone, having drunk a little, can easily tune in to sexual relations. Most importantly, do not think all the time about why they came. Feel like an actress, try to play beautifully. If in your head all the time flashes the thought of who to pick up this time, then every man can easily recognize such a predator by shifty eyes.

Do not want to scare your prey? Then relax and make your face speak of complete peace of mind and peace. Do not strain, like a spring, so that men are not afraid to approach you.Try to enjoy the process of removal itself.

With whom to come

The company in which you appear, plays a significant role. If the victim (a man) sees a whole horde of young girls who are ardently discussing fashion, makeup or guys, he is unlikely to want to join such conversations. But if you bring a girl who feels great in a male company, it will intrigue anyone.


Now you have to decide on the candidacy of the future sexual partner. Look around the bar (club, or where you came there). Noticed a nice young man? Try to find out if there is a ring on his right hand. If he is not married, follow his behavior a little. How does he behave? Is he fascinated only by the company of a friend, or is he also looking around? Why did he come? Try to understand intuitively whether he is ready for a new acquaintance for a short time. If you see that his eyes are often riveted on beer kegs, then, most likely, he did not come exactly after what you are.


Well, you finally decided on a candidate. Do not try, headlong, rush at him. If you are going to rent a man for the night, then have patience.In this case, enough look. Eyes in the eyes ... Long and open. Do not need too much theatricality, if he realizes that you are a predator, and not he, then, most likely, he will simply be frightened.

Let him see your fleeting smile and think that you are crazy about him. Then he will not be able to sit still for a long time.

Clever and quick-witted

When your candidacy comes running to you on its hind legs with a bottle of champagne, do not disappoint him. He is 100% sure that he is a real macho, and not some kind of sacrifice, so why dissuade him? Having told him a few compliments about how smart and cool he is, it will be easy for you to remove a man for sex. Do not pay attention to his silly jokes or inappropriate complements, pretend that he is not surpassed. In any case, you will win.


And, of course, he came with a friend. If he was with a girl, then you would not pay attention to him. Pay attention to this complementary person, he should also evaluate you at the highest level. The opinion of a friend for a man plays an important role.

Intelligence service

During the conversation, pay attention to even the little things. If he says something like: “How did I miss the delicious breakfasts,” “How tired I am of the life of a bachelor,” etc., run! When you need it, you will find someone to start cooking breakfasts.And now you are a free and independent woman who came to have fun, and not to tie herself up for the next years.

Dangerous little things

There is a whole lot of little things that easily interfere with good sex. If he has foolish thoughts in the spirit: “What if she has a period?”, “And what if she also has no condoms?” it will cool him down. Try to throw him a few half hints, I think you should not explain how this is done.

Hand in hand

Well, you got the offer you were waiting for. Do not give him time to think, do not wait until he changes his mind, take off and take him to the taxi. At parting, slightly smile to his friend, for it is unknown who next time will become your new victim.


Never stay too long after sex. No need to start cooking him breakfast, just go. Do not leave him your mobile number, if he insists, give the wrong number.