How to remember passwords?

Ekaterina Zhukova
Ekaterina Zhukova
March 11, 2013
How to remember passwords?

Each user of the global network has to create a large number of accounts, and this always involves inventing new passwords and logins. At the same time, we know that passwords must be different and complex enough to protect our records from hacking. How to remember passwords so that there are no problems with their recovery? We will talk about this today.

How to remember passwords of increased complexity

There is no universal way to remember passwords, since all people are different, and it is easier for the humanities to use a number of associations, and it is more convenient for “techies” to develop an algorithm based on logical connections. Therefore, we will not give here a description of complex mnemonic techniques, but simply show you how to remember a password consisting of a large number of characters:

  1. We take any adjective, for example, "fur".
  2. Take any noun, for example "hammer".
  3. We take a few numbers (from the phone number), for example 5902
  4. We print the words without spaces: fur hammer = 5902.
  5. We type them in the Latin register: vr [jdjqvjkjnjr5902.

If you choose words randomly, then, as a rule, absurd funny phrases are obtained, which, by the way, according to psychologists, are well remembered.

How to remember a password automatically

Many are interested in how to remember the username and password in social networks. This is easy to do: all modern browsers allow you to save passwords directly during authorization on the site. You only need to click "yes" when the program prompts you to save the password. This is convenient, since you will not have to worry about how to remember your password in classmates, VKontakte and other sites, and it will be enough just to click on the button with the key. However, the program managers password passwords on most browsers are not very well protected, because all the passwords can be easily seen in the settings (especially with this “sin” Mazil and Google Chrome). If you are interested in how to remember the password in the Opera and provide it with additional enhanced protection, then this is also not difficult: go to “menu” - “settings” - “general settings” - “security” - “set password”.