How to refill a color laser printer

Check thatcolor�The laser printer does not work exactly because the toner has run out. To do this, print another sheet. The need to fill the cartridge will indicate a vertical strip in the center. Also, some modern printers have a special chip that warns in advance about the end of the toner. This function will always allow you to react in time and not get into difficult situations with the need to conduct an independent refueling.
Prepare the surface on which you will fillcolor�laser printer. It is advisable to cover the table with paper napkins or an unnecessary towel. Refilling the toner cartridge is a fairly quick process, especially for beginners, so you need to protect yourself and the furniture from the appearance of stains.
Wear medical gloves, since toner will be difficult to wash off your skin. Put all parts of the printer and cartridge that will need to be disconnected during refueling into a separate container in order not to lose.
Remove the latch holding the printer cartridge, gently remove it and place it on the pre-prepared surface. Inspect the device and locate the fasteners. Place the cartridge perpendicular to the table and insert a screwdriver into the steel bracket.
Strike sharply, but not very hard, on the screwdriver handle so that the mount snaps inward. Do the same on the other side. As a result of these operations, the cartridge will open in two parts. One part is filled with roller and toner, and the second is for waste and roller.
Take that part of the cartridge into which the toner is being refilled. Open the plastic compartment cover. Take a package or a sheet of newspaper and pour on it the old toner. Take a new toner of the appropriate color and put it in the compartment for 2/3 of the container. To determine the correct color, you can compare the corresponding codes on the packaging and cartridge.
Clean the second part of the device from the scraps of paper. Assemble the cartridge and snap the fasteners that were previously knocked out. Clean the housing from toner, install the device back into the printer.
Repeat the same procedure for refilling toner with the remaining cartridges (other colors) of the printer.After work, start the device in test mode and print a few sheets.