How to raise the foundation of the house?

Almost every home owner in the private sector has at least once in his life faced with such unfamiliar concepts as a cracked blind area, burst plaster on the walls and many, many "pleasant moments". The specialist will immediately realize that your home has simply sank the foundation. Do not hold your heart. You can fix everything on your own. You will need only one assistant.

Foundation raising

With the help of two jacks, lift the corner of the house no more than two centimeters. Do not forget to put on the support, gasket that fits the width.

  • Do exactly the same operation with the other corners. Be extremely careful and careful, as the log cabin can twist.
  • Do not hurry. Raise each corner by one or two centimeters.
  • Do everything very calmly and carefully. Be careful not to skew, and the corners are raised at the same distance.
  • Be sure to follow all safety rules. Do not forget as an insurance, podlazhivat boards between the support and the frame.You do this in order if for some reason the jack fails.
  • Install the jack securely. He must rest on a tree.
  • Once you have raised the foundation to the required height, you can proceed to cast concrete pillars. Mount the reinforcement, install the formwork and pour concrete. That's all ready.

Foundation reinforcement

Each house begins with a foundation. It is the foundation that guarantees the stability of the whole structure. But there is nothing eternal in this world. The foundation can also grow old and need repair or reconstruction. The most laborious of all problems is the complete replacement of the foundation.

  • First you need to dig a trench around the perimeter of your house, and then thoroughly clean the foundation from earth or dirt. Then nail it to the grid of metal, and taking it to the side, secure. Then you can install the formwork and concreted. Then, when the concrete becomes hard, put the trench dug in with sand or earth.
  • Using end-to-end anchoring, tie the clip to the foundation. Note that the old masonry, along with the additional cells, will distribute the load on the ground evenly.All these manipulations should be done when you need to restore a section of the foundation that was destroyed.
  • To increase the bearing capacity of your foundation, you need to pour concrete (on both sides) with new cells. But initially it is necessary to clean the entire surface with the help of water pressure, and also to make a notch perforator.
  • Do not deepen the sole, but simply bring a new foundation (this is if only a part of the foundation has become unusable). Do not forget to strengthen the door and window openings, and then install the supports, under the ceiling of your house. Make sure the building is stable.
  • This method should be used in case of complete replacement of the foundation. Under the base you need to bring steel or reinforced concrete beams, which rest on the temporary supports, the house, as if standing in the air. Now you can strengthen or completely change the foundation.

Now you know how to raise the foundation of the house, strengthen it, or completely replace it. And the most important thing is that you do not need to look for good masters and waste your precious time, nerves and money. You can do everything yourself. It is only necessary to show a little perseverance.