How to prove love?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
September 18, 2014
How to prove love?

It is difficult to meet a person in whose heart love would not have lived. The problem is that not everyone can manifest and prove their feelings at those moments when a partner needs it. Some tips on how to express feelings can be found below.

How to prove your love guy?

Most girls think that proving their love to a guy is quite difficult, but this is not quite true. Of course, the strong sex is stingy with emotions, and sometimes it seems that a loved one does not notice anything, but this is only at first glance. Any guy will be pleased if his beloved will be interested in his affairs. If he likes football, why not cheer on your favorite team together? Perhaps you yourself will get involved in what is happening, and the guy will certainly appreciate such a gesture.

More often praise your beloved, so he will feel more confident. You should not talk about his shortcomings girlfriends, someone can tell him. Better speak only good things about him. Cook for him delicious dishes, men love to eat.Try to always look stunning, he will be proud that with next to him there is a beautiful girl.

How to prove your love to a girl?

Girls are tender and vulnerable creatures, so you need to be careful with them so as not to offend. To prove to the fair sex her love, you need to often tell her compliments. They must be sincere.

Do not forget about the gifts. It is not necessary to give something expensive, the sign of attention is important. As a gift you can present:

  • simple bouquet of flowers;
  • chocolate;
  • a box of chocolates;
  • nice brooch or hairpin;
  • soft toy

Such signs of attention will certainly be appreciated, and you will pass for a real gentleman who knows how to surround a girl with attention.

Tell your beloved one more time that you love her, arrange surprises. This may be an unplanned trip to the cinema, theater, cafe. Meet her parents, inquire about their affairs, health. Help the girl as soon as possible, protect her.