How to organize a pastry shop

You will need
  • - room;
  • - start-up capital.
Do a marketing research to determine the positioning of your confectionery. When opening a similar business, you can go several ways. This may be a production (mini-bakery) with a parallel sale of products. This option will allow you to fully control the process. However, another type of confectionery, based on the purchase of goods from several wholesale suppliers, is no less promising. In this case, you will be able to form a wider range.
Solve all the necessary administrative issues. Get permission from SES, fire inspection. Register your own company.
Pick a room for your pastry shop. In this case, the key factor is the permeability: it will depend on this traffic. It should be borne in mind that sweets are not a commodity, so the location, convenience, design of the room will play an important role in your business.
Find suppliers of raw materials or finished products. Before you make a purchase, carefully consider the required number of products, which depends on your final assortment.
Form an assortment. About 70% of the proposed baking should be familiar and familiar to your target clientele. Split the assortment into several categories, for example, pastries for breakfast, bread, savory pies, biscuits, cakes. In each of them must be present common positions. However, even the most famous and simple cake, for example, "Potato", must be made with any proprietary feature. The rest of the range should be author's desserts, new items, unusual pastries. Offer your branded pastry to customers and explore their opinions. It is possible that some sweets will become very popular and will firmly settle in the main menu.
Create an attractive atmosphere for your pastry shop.