How to open a store of branded clothing in 2018

You will need
  • - an agreement with one or more partners (suppliers);
  • - premises in a shopping center or on the first floor of a building on a busy street;
  • - a set of commercial equipment and interior items of the trading hall;
  • - several sales assistants with work experience (2-4 people).
Choose the method of work that you are going to base your business on. As a rule, there are three ways for the owner of a branded clothing store to become an exclusive representative of a particular brand in Russia, or to create a multi-brand outlet, or work on franchising. The first can be afforded only by rather large investors, the second requires considerable experience, the third, the simplest, limits the freedom of the entrepreneur, but allows you to gain precious skills and, in case of failure, get out of the game with minimal losses.
Search for a suitable location for a boutique and place it - evaluate the advantages of these or other options, focusing primarily on the size of rental rates. In the trade fair center you will be guaranteed a constant influx of customers, especially if the clothing prevails among the assortment of the entire complex, plus cooperation with a large trading platform allows you to solve many organizational issues related to obtaining permits. It is enough just to register individual entrepreneurship, having registered with the tax inspectorate, and not to take care of admissions from the architectural department, the fire inspectorate, the Rospotrebnadzor and other authorities.
Order a set of commercial equipment corresponding to the status of your store and its image. If you are working on a franchise or in close cooperation with one particular supplier, then the requirements for commercial equipment, as well as for the design of the point as a whole, are likely to be dictated by your partner. If you have complete freedom of action and choice, then be sure to pay as much attention as possible to the design of your store,Cooperating with professional designers, the situation in the retail sale of clothes plays a very significant role.
Hire several sales assistants involved in the past in the field of retail sales of premium clothing. Consider the fact that old habits (if the “school” was not good enough) can harm more than the lack of experience at all.