How to masturbate properly?

In this article we will talk about such a delicate topic as masturbation. Before describing how to properly masturbate, a few facts. Even 20 years ago, they spoke about the dangers of masturbation and how it is shameful and supposedly unnatural. However, there is no convincing evidence that masturbation is harmful. In addition, as a temporary substitute for sex, it is even useful. In males, due to masturbation, there is no stagnation in the genitals, and in females it allows maintaining the genitals in a certain tone. In addition, for both sexes, masturbation is an excellent way to relieve stress. Of course, as with everything, it is important not to overdo it. Now let's talk separately about female and male masturbation, given the physiological differences of both sexes.

How to masturbate a girl

I will say right away: there is no ideal way to "correct" masturbation. It all depends on your erogenous zones and the ways in which you are most pleased to please them.Someone has nipples, someone has a clitoris, someone has a vagina or anus, and most women have several places at once. Therefore, you can give some general advice, but never - which way of masturbation is better.

The first of these general tips - you should not be shy of your body. If a woman cannot calmly look at her body, at her genitals, touch them as she would like - you can forget about the pleasure of this pleasant process right away. So drop your modesty and caress yourself the way you want. So we went to the second tip, which is that we should not be afraid to look for new sensations.

I want to pinch my nipples - pinch, you want to pull the clitoris - pull, you want to caress your labia, insert your finger into the vagina - do it. Do not be afraid to try new movements, look and feel how the body responds to them. Feel free to watch movies about masturbation - on the Internet now you can find anything, including videos, how to properly masturbate a woman. Video materials will certainly prompt you new, unexplored ways of masturbation. Having found, thus, the movements most acceptable to you - those that cause the most pleasant sensations, you can further caress yourself in a similar way and in various combinations.

For example, a very interesting masturbation in the soul, where you can direct a stream of water into the vagina itself, and then move from the vagina to the anus and back. Many women like it a lot. And in bed you can spread your legs wide apart and caress the clitoris with your fingers, insert your fingers into the vagina - for some, it is much more pleasant to masturbate in this way. There are women who get an orgasm during masturbation, tightly squeezing the legs so that the genitals are subjected to a rather strong friction. In general, do not be afraid and experiment - and your body will be grateful to you. A big role in masturbation is played by your fantasies. Imagine what you want - in the end, it's just a fantasy that helps you reach the peak of pleasure.

How to masturbate the clitoris

How many things have been written about this "king of sex" and how to stimulate it. Here, again, do as you like. And for this try and so, and commercials. Someone most enjoy a light touch on the clitoris, as if in passing. Someone likes to rub it with massaging movements, some women like it when they touch the clitoris quickly and accentuated, and there are those who like being pressed with a finger.The same applies not only to the clitoris, but also to the genital lips, vagina, anus and chest - try different ways of masturbation and eventually find the one that you like most.

How to masturbate a virgin

Often on the forums on the Internet I see such a question. In fact, nothing tricky here. Suitable stimulation of the nipples, clitoris, labia, anus. The main thing is not to hurt yourself the hymen, so you need to masturbate carefully, without thrusting anything into the vagina. Of course, if you yourself do not want to deprive yourself of virginity ...

How to masturbate a guy

Here the advice will be practically the same, with the only amendment that men will have an order of magnitude less erogenous zones than women, and the most important is, of course, the penis. Although, for purely physiological reasons, male masturbation is significantly different from female masturbation, they nevertheless have common goals - obtaining maximum pleasure and emotional relaxation. Therefore, I would advise those guys who are embarrassed to do this to relax, for which they must be sure that no one is watching them.I myself know how much it used to prevent me from relaxing and getting the pleasure that you usually expect from this process.

It makes no sense to tell the guys in detail how to properly masturbate a member - because, although here, too, everything is somewhat individual, but I’m hardly mistaken if I say that the most sensitive place is the head of the penis. For stronger sensations, someone uses a different lubricant: cream, soap, shampoo, gel or lubricant bought in the store. How to masturbate a head of a member, a trunk or testicles, you also perfectly know. The only advice that can be given here - do not damage the skin. This is not very pleasant when the skin on the penis is inflamed, and if you experience unpleasant sensations during masturbation - overpower yourself and postpone this process until complete healing.