How to make an avatar in Photoshop (Photoshop)?

The Internet has firmly entered our lives. Many people have accounts on social networks, blog or register on forums. But everyone wants to stand out among others, to be special. To emphasize your individuality helps the avatar, which can be your photo or any other picture.

Why photoshop

You can download any image you like and upload it to the site as an avatar. But then no one can guarantee that your avatar will be unique. After all, any other person could have performed the same manipulations with the same image. This article is written in order to answer the question of how to make an avatar in Photoshop.

Why exactly photoshop? In the world there are a whole lot of programs for working with images, and even there are special sites where you can make an avatar online, and a pretty good quality. But Photoshop is considered the best resource for working with images, and it has much more opportunities compared to its competitors.

I note that each resource that allows you to upload images for an avatar has its own limitations on the size and format of the image, and you should not forget about it, because you want your avatar to look decent. Almost any site allows you to upload images in the format of GIF, JPEG and JPG.

So, in order to make a beautiful avatar you need a photoshop program. If you do not have it, you can download it on the Internet or buy it in the store. You may also need a simple paint editor to make small changes to the image.

Choosing the material for the avatar

With the necessary equipment sorted out, now you need to decide on the material. In general, you can make an avatar from a photo or any image that you like. These can be any pictures that need to be scanned, screenshots from movies or cartoons, or ready-made avatars that you plan to somehow change.

If you want to get a unique avatar, it is better to use the images made by you. Another good option is a screenshot. Make it pretty simple and the image will be quite original.Using images from the Internet is not the best choice, because a lot of people can take the same picture.

Getting started

Getting Started. We assume that you first opened the program Photoshop. We will need two images, because we will create an animated avatar. After all, if you cope with this task, it will be completely easy for you to create a regular avatar. An animation of an avatar made will consist of turning a circle into a square. Suppose that we already have images of a circle and a square.

First you need to open Photoshop application “Image Ready”. Previously, we should have already created a folder with the arbitrary name “123” on the desktop, in which both our images should already be located. In the program, click on the File button, then select Import, then Folder as Frames, and finally the folder “123”.

Pressing the Play button at the bottom of the program menu, you will see a zero animation, which is a frequent change of two frames. We need to get rid of all the excess in both images, for example, to remove an unnecessary background. To do this, select the square selection and hold down the Shift key to select what we need.Then you need to select Image, and Crop. That's all: the unnecessary background has disappeared.

If the image you are going to process is enclosed in a dim, unpleasant looking background, then you can remove it. To do this, select the tool "magic" eraser, and activate the first picture. Now click on the unnecessary background, and it will not. Do the same procedure with the second image.

It's time to set the future avatar size, depending on the rules of the site. To proportionally resize the entire avatar, click Image, and after Image size. Now it remains only to specify the size in the field, for example, 64.

How to make an animation

Let's do the animation. We need to make it smoother. To do this, you need to select the second delay. For example, for each frame, let it be 0.6. See the result by clicking on the Play button. For a higher level of animation, it is worthwhile to insert a few more intermediate pictures between the initial and final images. This can be done in Photoshop in just a couple of minutes. The program itself can make several intermediate frames, and you will only have to set a time for each frame, say, 0.1 seconds.Now you can look at your work by clicking Play.

Adding effects

The next step is to add various effects, whether it be an inscription or an emblem. You can make them change color and shape during the animation. This step could be done, and at the very beginning, everything depends on your preferences. Your avatar is ready. It remains only to save it to your computer and send it to the site.

Create only your unique avatars, and do not try to assign other people's work to yourself. Even if you decide to change the finished avatar, (which no one forbids doing), it does not give you the right to assign authorship of this image. Also, do not make immoral avatars with indecent images or inscriptions, because you will not do this honor, and the members of the forum can push aside. Now you know how to make an avatar yourself or yourself in just a few minutes.