How to make a wooden airplane

You will need
  • - plates / chipboard / DVP;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - wood glue.
Make a toy of unnecessary plates, you can use the remnants of fiberboard, chipboard. In preparing the material, please note that the aircraft will consist of several parts - the upper wing, lower wing, the fluse and the tail section. Billets must fit a specific size.
To get started, build a model of small size. The upper wings are 5 * 24 * 1.5 cm, the lower wings are 5 * 30 * 1.5 cm, the fluorescent is 1.5 * 1.5 * 35 cm, the tail part consists of two parts: the top is 5 * 10 cm ; bottom - 5 * 5cm.
Draw the details of woodairplaneand on the sketch, make a drawing from different angles, create a general viewairplanea. Think about how these parts will be interconnected. It is desirable that the toy was not nails. Use wood glue. Prepare the material for each part separately, study the drawing.
Mark all the details, follow the accuracy of the sizes.Saw along the intended line, cut it with sandpaper, polish it with a soft cloth.
Start joining the structure only after all parts have been manufactured. Assemble the wings - fasten first the upper, then lower. Mark the junction points in advance. Note, the wings should be symmetrical, watch for proportionality.
Next, think about how to connect the tail, you can prepare on the basis of special incisions. Saw the element to be inserted on the tail section, place it on the base. You can put it on a wooden peg, use slats.
Add to the basic parts of the wheel (use the wheels of old machines), attach the propeller. Paint the toy with paints, varnish.