How to make a monolithic floor-foundation under the arbor

You will need
  • - crushed stone;
  • - sand;
  • - cement;
  • - boards for formwork;
  • - building level.
Make a preliminary work plan. Draw a detailed plan for the future structure, or at least a sketch, in order to have an idea of ​​what should happen in the end. To make a monolithic floor under the arbor, it is necessary to determine the size of its base. It would be reasonable to erect an arbor floor 30-40 cm above ground level - in the spring it will save it from flooding with melt water. Wooden structures should not touch the ground to avoid rotting.
Make a layout of the future foundation on the site. It should be done according to the size of the arbor or a bit more. A good option is to indent 25 cm from each side of the base of the gazebo. Remove from the marked area the top layer of soil - the depth of one spade of a shovel.
Provide a drainage ditch through which water will be drained from the resulting pit. You can use for this purpose drainage pipes or gravel wrapped in non-woven synthetic material. To prevent the drainage from clogging, it is necessary to pour a small sandy layer over which rubble is poured to the level of the ground.
Cover with the same material the surface of the rubble, make a cut on the fabric. Draw a tube through the slot to connect electricity - this is best done from the back of the gazebo. Tie the tube to the peg - ideally, if it is made of fine reinforcement.
Assemble the formwork around the perimeter - it will need simple raw boards. When making the formwork, make sure that all its sides are equal and the diagonals are the same. If you have little experience in this kind of work, it is better not to take up complex forms. For example, the manufacture of octahedrons can be a big problem. Align the top edge of the boards to a horizontal position or make marks in the place to which the concrete should reach - you can mark the desired level by hammering in nails.
Fill the formwork with prepared concrete. The most convenient way to use imported mixture prepared in a mixer. The choice of brand of concrete, the type of reinforcing mesh, the need for its installation - all this should be determined depending on the thickness of the slab.