How to make a guy nice?

There is an erroneous opinion that only girls like to receive gifts and surprises. I want to dispel all doubts, as men also love to be pleased. After reading the article, you will understand how to make a guy nice and at the same time strengthen your relationship.

"The path to the heart of a man lies through his stomach"

If you want to make your favorite guy nice, you can start with the simplest and time-tested method - the preparation of a new, interesting dish. It should be noted that it is necessary to cook, based on the taste preferences of your partner, otherwise your work may not be appreciated.

It is not necessary to prepare the dish, initially knowing that your young man does not like any ingredients or does not eat at all.

Small gifts

If you love your young man very much, then it will be easy for you to make him comfortable. Give the guy what he really needs. It is not necessary that it be a big and expensive gift. If the guy is interested in cars, give an interesting suspension or a new air freshener.Give small gifts just like that, without waiting for any holiday or event.

You can also make a romantic dinner by candlelight and combine several ideas: preparing an interesting dish and a surprise.

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In addition, if your young man often gives you gifts, try to constantly show him that you really like them. A key chain, a pocket mirror or other small items can always be carried in a purse. With this behavior you make the guy nice.


Attention - the most important thing in the relationship between a man and a woman, so if you want to make a guy nice, become more attentive to him and his problems. To do this, you should not be constantly around, but when you meet, be sure to ask about his affairs and what he cares about.

Men also like to listen to compliments, tender words and declarations of love. You can send a beautiful SMS message or donate a small postcard.

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meetings with friends

Friends in the life of men are an integral part of their lives, so you should not keep aloof and refuse to meet with them. On the contrary, invite friends to your home and spend time together.

Do not refuse to meet with friends in the movies, bowling, casinos and cafes. So you show your boyfriend that you enjoy chatting with his friends, which will give him pleasure. In any case, if you want to continue the relationship with your loved one, you will have to spend time with his friends. Then why not do it from the beginning?

Communication with relatives

In order to make your favorite guy nice, try not to avoid communicating with his family and friends. You also need to be more interested in the affairs of his relatives: call them or write. In addition, invite them more often to visit you, and not just for holidays and family events. Pay attention to relatives, give gifts and make compliments.

Common interests

Try to spend as much time as possible with your loved one and share his interests. Even if football or fishing is not the most exciting activity for you, it is worthwhile to be patient and give your beloved the pleasure of your time together. Yes, and maybe you will like it, and in the future you will also be able to enjoy it.


Intimate life for a man is as important as food and air, so do not give up on it. If you want to make a guy enjoy sex, you need to start with his favorite poses and actions. But before that, you need to have a man, caressing him or making an erotic massage. You can also think about new poses that may appeal to your man, or new and interesting places for intimacy: you should not limit yourself to the bedroom, you can experiment in the kitchen, on the balcony, in nature, in the car. You can consider the option of renting a hotel room and invite a guy there by sending an SMS message or by agreeing in advance about a meeting in this place.

Wearing intimate and unusual lace underwear, you can also make a man pleasantly in bed, as he will get pleasure from taking it off you.

You can make a nice guy hands. For this you need to constantly caress the male sexual organ with gentle movements. It is worth remembering that in this case, sharp movements are completely unnecessary. It is worth noting that sex is a result, and it can be achieved by setting the stage, creating a certain setting: a romantic dinner, candles, incense sticks. So you can make a guy nice.

If your young man likes to watch films for adults, join him and watch movies together, which will give him pleasure, and you will enjoy the enjoyment of subsequent sex.

If you figured out how to make a guy enjoyable, then you need to remember that this should not be an isolated case in a few months or every six months, but constant manifestations of attention to your partner.