How to make a flower from corrugated paper?

Alena Tikhonova
Alena Tikhonova
January 9, 2013
How to make a flower from corrugated paper?

Whatever the ultimate goal - to please your beloved mother, girlfriend, sister, grandmother, to decorate your own home or just to occupy yourself, corrugated paper flowers - this is the best version of a man-made gift. The corrugated paper is very soft, gentle and bright, therefore it is safe and pleasant to make anything out of it. Making corrugated paper flowers is easy. Consider the easiest option and make crocuses of corrugated paper. Only a drop of perseverance, good mood, a riot of fantasy, corrugated paper itself (purple, yellow and green), scissors, flour (semolina or crushed sea salt), toothpicks, PVA glue are needed.

Making a flower from corrugated paper is divided into the following steps:

  • First, let's make a flower stamen. To do this, take a piece of corrugated paper with a size of 5 * 10 cm. The color of the paper should be light yellow or yellow, because it will make stamens.Next, you need to make cuts, as shown in the figure below.
  • Each of the resulting rectangles must be twisted.
  • Then you need to tighten the entire workpiece.
  • Obtain the resulting stamens with glue and roll in flour, in semolina, or in ground sea salt.
  • Stamens ready, go to the manufacture of petals. To do this, cut out the following shape from corrugated purple paper.
  • The edges of each petal need to be wrapped so that the flower looks more like a real crocus.
  • Assembly. We put petals on each other, inserting into the center of the stamen. Each petal must be secured with white glue at the base. Petals need to stick in two or even three rows.
  • The manufacture of the stem. In the detail of the "stamens" insert a wooden stick or toothpick. You can even take the wire for the stem. The place of connection of the flower with the stem is wound with wire to ensure a secure fit.
  • Take a green or light green corrugated paper to decorate the stem. Cut strips of 1-1.5 cm width out of paper. Now you just have to wrap a wooden stem around the paper. It should start from the place where the flower is attached to the stalk.At the end of this action it is necessary to secure the paper with white glue.
  • Adding leaves to the stalk. From the same paper from which the strips were cut for the stem, you need to cut the leaves of the following form.
  • Twist the edges of the leaves a little and stick the leaves to the stem.
  • Let the flower dry.

Corrugated paper crocus is ready. You can do a whole bunch of flowers from corrugated paper. Of course, such flowers will not wither and will not fade with time.

Making a flower of corrugated paper is easy And to those for whom this flower is intended, it will surely be joyful and easy on the soul. And if this flower is designed to decorate your home, then it will definitely bring happiness and comfort to the house.