How to make a bedroom interior in Japanese style

The bedroom, decorated in Japanese style, embodies a kind of harmony with the outside world, helps to relax and softens the intense pace of life of a city dweller.

To turn a place of rest and sleep into a real world of relaxation, you must follow some rules. Let's start with the materials: it is very important that all the elements of the interiors are exclusively natural. If you choose a bed, then give preference to models of natural wood.

When choosing curtains stop on products made of cotton or bamboo fiber. Porcelain plates and figurines will complement the interior well, but do not overdo it with decorative elements, because the basis of the Japanese style is minimalism. The smaller items will make up the interior, the better.

Easy partitions between rooms are very popular in Japan, however, if the layout of an apartment or house does not allow such a passage to be made, then you can separate the sleeping area from the dressing table or dressing room with a miniature portable screen.

The light in the room should be muted, and when choosing the color of the walls in the future bedroom, you should use shades of pastel colors: beige, cream. Try not to overdo it with bright colors - Japan does not like it.

You can complement the interior with a beautiful pattern over the bed, a variety of Japanese-style paintings, twigs imitating Japanese trees, such as sakura. As for curtains, the use of light cotton or linen materials will be the most appropriate, heavy curtains will not be in harmony with the rest of the interior elements in such an airy and elegant room.