How do you like girls?

At what age do boys become interested in girls? With creches. But there it was easier for the boys to get their attention, picked up a spatula or made a couple of kulichik and you already have a “girl”. In the first class, it is also not difficult to show sympathy: I brought a briefcase, pulled a pigtail, or treated me with something. Now and mutual sympathy appeared. How do you like a 12-year-old girl, how to get her attention? You will find the answers to these questions below.

Age features

The age of 10-13 years is considered adolescent. Girls start growing up first. They change the shape and voice, they grow rapidly. Interests change naturally as well, puppets fade into the background, idols appear and interest in boys wakes up.

The boys at this time a little behind in the development of girls. They will start growing at the age of 12-14. At the same time, they will have changes in the shape, the voice will begin to break. During this period, many guys begin to look at girls differently. Teens learn to build "adult" relationships, learn the wisdom of flirting and coquetry.How to like girls, what should pay attention in the first place?

How to please the girl

  • First, find out what she likes, what preferences. It is very important. Based on this information, seduction tactics should be developed.
  • Not unimportant role played by the appearance, your clothes and hairstyle. Some people like jeans, and someone like office style, but the main thing is cleanliness. It is unlikely that you will win sympathy if you are in dirty and torn clothes, and even with dirty hair. Take care of your figure. Sports guys like girls at any age.
  • What if you like a girl? Be bold. Draw her attention to your person. How? Come and meet, if you are familiar - ask how are you or something like that. Tell an interesting case, anecdote, funny story. No matter what, the main thing is to get hold of her attention.
  • Try to see her more often. Take her home from school, invite her to the movies, to the skating rink, to an interesting get-together or just walk down the street. At meetings, try to feel free. Laughter brings and relaxes the situation. But it should be really interesting and funny, but not vulgar.
  • Show yourself expand your talents. Each person is special and knows something that others cannot: compose and perform rap, dance, play the guitar, be a champion in sports, solve any problem.

But at the same time be yourself. The girl who wants to change you is hardly really interested in you, she just decided to play.

How to understand that you like a girl? Yes, very simple. If she often looks in your direction, mysteriously smiles and whispers with her friends, it means a minimum - you are interested in her, maximum - she fell in love. She tries to communicate with you more often, agrees to go for a walk together, it means that you are not indifferent to her. If in doubt, ask directly. You can not ask a question in person, send SMS or write in the network.