How to lay a roof

You will need
  • - roofing;
  • - material for the lower carpet;
  • - nails;
  • - self-tapping screws.
The minimum angle of the roof is 10 °. This means that at a distance of one meter lowering of the level occurs by 20 cm. Keep roofing materials protected from moisture, frost and sunlight. Roof mounting is carried out at any time of the year, but the temperature should not be too low - small subzero temperatures are allowed, and for bitumen materials the temperature should be at least + 6 ° C. Do not mountthe roofduring rain or snow.
Before layingthe roof, make sure that the base for it is flat, stable and does not bend under your weight. As the basis the edging board, thick plywood can be applied. The base should not have openings, sharp notches. The tree should not have a moisture content of more than 20% in the dry state. For a roof of soft tile, the base is made without gaps, solid, for the roof with a hard surface, small gaps can be left. Lay the boards so that at least two runs between the supports overlap.
Cover the bottom carpet.As such a carpet is used moisture insulating material - roofing material, vapor barrier, other modern materials. It is laid horizontally, starting from the bottom row, the seams are made with an overlap of about 150 mm. Tighten the bottom carpet tightly when laying it. Where the lower carpet has folds, they are cut and glued, nailing to the surface.
After laying the lower carpet proceed to the installation of roofing. This should be done, starting from the bottom row, laying overlapping roofing sheets and securing each of them. Use nails or screws that are at least 35 mm long for mounting, so that they reach the bottom surface of the bearing plating. After the roof is covered, ridge elements are installed, snow protection, eaves are arranged.