How to knock out a weapon?

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How to knock out a weapon?

In the popular multiplayer game Warface, it is possible to buy so-called boxes of luck, in which you can find some types of rare, “rare” weapons. The trouble is that, in addition to the weapons in the boxes of luck, grenades, knives, equipment, experience points, etc. are much more common. Below are some tips on how to knock out weapons from such boxes.

Way for the larks

If you want to get any weapons from the boxes, you will need to either wake up early or stay up until morning. There is an opinion that the number of weapons in the boxes always remains unchanged and is evenly distributed between the online players. Accordingly, when there are fewer players on the network, the probability of getting the desired rifle increases significantly: somewhere between three and five o'clock in the morning the players in the game are the least, and it is during this time that it makes sense to try your luck.

Counting the number of flashes

You, probably, did not notice, but when you start knocking out boxes, on the device itself on delivery of boxes the indicator starts to flash.There is an opinion that if you count the number of blinks corresponding to the day on the calendar, and have time to press the button for issuing the box at this very moment, then you will drop the box with the weapon.

Knocking out one box per minute

The next way to bypass the system is to buy one box at the exact beginning of every minute. According to one of the theories, the algorithm for the appearance of weapons in boxes works in such a way that a larger number of weapons are dropped at the beginning of every minute. Therefore, try to start the exact timer and click on the "buy" button at its signal.

Combinatorial method

Another very common opinion is that the desired weapon can be obtained by buying boxes in a certain order, in groups. So, the most commonly used combination is the 1-5-1-3 scheme. But there are others.