How to knit slippers?

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How to knit slippers?

Those who are interested in knitting, it will be interesting to learn that with the help of two knitting needles and yarn you can get wonderful slippers. They are soft, comfortable and look very pretty, especially with knitted flowers, pom-poms and other decorative elements. Such slippers will be surely enjoyed by children and even those who do not like ordinary sneakers. So, how to knit slippers? It is not difficult and very fast.

How to knit beautiful slippers with knitting needles

To create homemade knitted shoes, you will need two knitting needles and a thick yarn, it is better to knit in two threads.

  1. The sole is knitted, the number of loops is equal to the length of the product, for example, 26 loops.
  2. In the first row you need to knit all the loops with facial ones and be sure to add two additional loops - at the beginning and end.
  3. The second row is knitted again with face loops. Alternate the rows to the sixteenth.
  4. From the 17th row, 2 loops of the face are made behind the front walls at the beginning and end. 18 row consists of facial loops.
  5. We repeat up to 32 rows until there are as many loops as at the beginning of knitting.

That's the whole manual, how to knit slippers with knitting needles, it remains only to sew the product and decorate. You can tie a flower or a bow and attach it in front. Such a product will be a good gift for loved ones.

How to knit knitted slippers-sledki

In addition to the above model, socks are very popular. Sometimes they are called socks, sometimes slippers. They are also performed on two needles in the form of a solid product. It is better to take thick threads of wool of any color.

  1. The side is knitted, you need to dial the number of loops corresponding to the size of the foot, but it must be odd.
  2. The first 2-3 rows should be performed facial (garter stitch). Then all the loops are divided into two equal parts, and one extra will denoteSlippersthe middle.
  3. Odd ranks knit purl.
  4. Even so: 7 face, 1 nakid, 1 front, 1 nakid, 2 front, 1 nakid, 1 front, 1 nakid. The row should end with 7 face loops.
  5. Proyazyvaetsya 8 rows.
  6. Work begins on the sole. It is knitted from the middle of the product: a number of facial, a number of purl.For a backdrop, the side loops are knitted together.

Another way to knit slippers with two knitting needles

  1. Dial 26 loops and knit a number of facial with the addition of 2 loops. The second row is just facial. So repeat until the 17th row and begin to reduce 2 loops through the row.
  2. In the 33rd row, add 8 loops at the beginning, then add along the loop throughSlippersrow;
  3. In the 49th row, 24 loops should be closed and the remaining 6 lines should be knitted with the front face;
  4. In the 57th, dial 24 loops again and knit them with facial ones, through a row, knitting two loops of the face behind the front walls;
  5. In the 73 row, close all the loops and stitch the product.

Everyone will cope with such soft warm slippers and spend no more than one evening. Instead of the front smooth surface and kerchief, you can use other more complex patterns to make the thing even more attractive and stand out among the rest. If you tie slippers of bright yarn, then they will not only warm, but also raise your spirits.