How to interest a guy?

Guys and men are so different compared to us women. So you see, you try, and that, but he still does not look in your direction. Calm down! The real masters of flirting in such cases assure: guys are far from strong nuts. You can get their attention in the most primitive ways. So, what is the guy interested in? We use a specific step-by-step algorithm:

  • To begin to communicate with him as often as possible, and for any interesting reason to him. If you are still not familiar, take action to get closer. For example, say hello to him and do it at every meeting. So he will begin to perceive you as his friend.
  • Feel that this has already happened? It's time to go to the second step: ask him for help or form a company at some upcoming event. Just be sure that this request will be easy for him. Otherwise, how can he "draw" his capabilities in front of you? Well, for example, ask to scan a photo, download a game or just clumsy - borrow a pen or a pencil.

In this case, refer to it only by name.Even Dale Carnegie voiced the truth: the best sound for a person is the sound of his name.

  • Having done such intrigues several times, you will soon notice that the young man has become more affable and friendly to you. Just do not go into a sharp offensive. Most of the guys in the affairs of cordial retardation (only if we are not talking about an intimate intimacy soon). The more timid guy is chosen as a victim, the longer you will have to mess with him.
  • Once he gets used to the fulfillment of your frequent requests and responds positively to them, you can start the offensive: to talk on other topics. Of course, to begin with - about him, it is his interests and hobbies, his hobbies and views on life. Let the person open up and tell about his beloved. Notice very soon how pleasant is your interest in your own person.
  • In parallel, filter for yourself the information given to them on the subject of common interests. For example, love of fiction, animals, football, fishing, expensive cars, tourism - in general, your goal is to get close to him emotionally as quickly as possible. By the way, it’s better not to deceive with your hobbies, otherwise in the case of a successful outcome of flirting you will have to lie to him and force yourself to perform feats in the name of love. How long you do not stretch.
  • If during the conversations it turns out that you have never found a common interest - do not despair. The time is right for the next step: ask him to teach you what he can do. For example, he plays tennis well, and you supposedly dreamed of learning this hobby and could not find anyone who really knew about it! How great that he owns the art of correctly beat the racket on the ball.
  • So gradually you will become closer and closer to each other. And there, as the map will fall: if mutual sympathy arises, you will definitely be together.

And a few general tips on how not to push the gentleman away. First of all, avoid stupid jokes, especially to the guy. Secondly, try to develop a good sense of humor. Thirdly, do not be vulgar. Believe me, this behavior will certainly attract the attention of the young man, but the relationship will be “for one night”. Fourth, do not smoke in front of him. Subconsciously, men do not like women to smoke and do not perceive them as passions for serious relationships. Finally, be the initiator of the conversation, but at the same time know how to listen to the person.

How to interest a man

The principle and tactics of behavior differ little from the above. The only caveat - you need to behave like an adult, that is, use other ways to attract the object.

If we are talking about striving to establish long-term relationships, then the main goal of a woman is to study her chosen one well. But before all this, the same algorithm: to attract attention - to cause positive emotions - to go to communication (requests, dialogues, and so on) - to reveal common interests - to make him feel indispensable for you.

Before you is not a young man, but a real man, and, therefore, you must act with dignity. For example, to attract attention, make eye contact. An insightful look that your chosen one will catch will turn on the green light for him. He will understand what you like.

Ask someone who knows both of you to introduce you. Such a step does not discredit the woman and at the same time opens the way for her to communicate with her beloved.

Gradually start communicating first on secular topics, then “throw” several requests to him, start a conversation about his habits and tastes and, if he doesn’t follow the response, invite him for a date.But in any case, do not impose, do not immediately inform about their intentions for rapprochement, do not frighten the gentleman!

Finally, the main rule for a woman who is going to conquer a man: be confident and stay the way you really are. Otherwise, your sand castle will fall apart very quickly.