How to increase the starting speed

To increasespeedbrowser, to start, make it a rule to clear the history of visited pages once a week, at least. Each browser has a “History” (“Journal”) section, and it is opened by pressing the Ctrl + H key combination. Here you can clean up your browsing history. This will reduce the load on the browser, thereby increasing its speed.
You can also delete cookies. These files store personal information about you as a user on the sites you have visited. Clean the “cookies” also once a week. For example, in the Google Chrome browser, you need to go to the browser settings and management menu (in the upper right corner of the wrench icon), select the Advanced tab, then click on the button “Clear browsing data” and tick the box “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data ”.
You can clear the cache in the same Google Chrome as described in the previous step by ticking the “Clear cache” option.In Mozilla Firefox, in the top menu, select “Tools” and select “Erase recent history.” You can just press Ctrl + Shift + Del. Then tick the item “Cache”, and optionally select the item “Cookies”, “Logs of visits and downloads” and others. In Internet Explorer, you need to select in the menu "Tools" -> "Internet Explorer". For clearing the cache meets the item "Temporary Internet files."
If you have unused bookmarks, delete them. The file size with their properties will decrease, which will lead to a slight, but an increase in the speed of the browser.
Disable the display of images on sites. The amount of information on the page will decrease by several times, especially on those sites where there are a lot of pictures that slow down the download speed of information. To do this, open the browser settings and check the box next to the “Download images automatically” box.
Disabling plugins will also speed up the browser. Remove unnecessary.
If you have an outdated version of the browser, by all means download from the official site and install the latest version of the program with all the latest updates. As a rule, the newer the browser version, the more stable and faster it is.