How to get the desired job

You will need
  • - summary;
  • - the Internet.
Decide on the direction in which you would like to work. Make a list of large companies that are attractive in terms of future careers. Find information about each business. Go to corporate sites, read the thematic forums. So you can get an idea about the internal environment of selected companies, about relationships in a team, about the level of wages
Send resumes to the personnel departments of the companies you have found. Even if at the moment they do not require employees, your vacancy will be placed in the personnel reserve. After a few days, call the manager and find out if your resume has been received. It is possible that the place will be released in the near future and you will be invited for an interview.
If you are invited to an interview, consider your appearance. Try not to look boring, preferring the business style. Avoid sexuality and vulgarity, but at the same time complement the outfit with interesting and high-quality accessories. Try to show individuality in your appearance.
Prepare in advance the answers to the most frequent questions. Examples of interviews can be found on numerous sites on the Internet. Be prepared for any behavior of the interviewer, keep confident and with dignity. In this case, you must demonstrate a desire to work in this company. Make it clear to your employer that you are well aware of his firm, and also confirm your motivation and potential benefits for this particular enterprise.
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If you want to work in a particular company without a clear reason, be careful. The beautiful facade of the office and the reputation of the company do not guarantee high income and no stress at work.