How to get rid of spider veins?

Spider veins are small vascular enlargements that are translucent through the skin and have a pathological nature. This can be provoked by various chronic diseases and unhealthy lifestyles. According to statistics, about 70 percent of the world's population suffers from this pathology. How to get rid of vascular stars on the face and on the legs - says our article.

Asterisks on the face: how to get rid

It should immediately be said that the stars in any part of the body tend to increase in size. Therefore, it is better to resort to their treatment in time, until they have begun to progress and you can get rid of them faster and easier.

Before embarking on the treatment of rosacea (so called spider veins in cosmetic terminology) it is advisable to consult with a dermatologist. He will advise which star removal method is suitable for your skin. It also makes sense to first establish the cause of this pathology, because in cases when it is caused by certain diseases, it is necessary to begin with the elimination of the latter.

Until recently, the removal of couperosis on the face was carried out using two main methods - cryodestruction and electrocoagulation. In the first case, a spider vein is affected by liquid nitrogen, which eliminates skin pathology using low temperature. In the second, the vessels are cauterized with an electrode. The disadvantages of such procedures are their pain and the likelihood of scarring at the site of distant stars.

An alternative method in this matter today is laser therapy. Its main advantages compared with the above methods are the absence of scars after removal and the complete disappearance of spider veins.

The most effective is the procedure in which the laser is emitted in the spectrum of green and yellow. This is due to the fact that in this range the light is absorbed only by the vessels, which helps to avoid skin damage.

If you are interested in how to get rid of the stars with the help of folk recipes, then it should be said about the juice of unripe tomatoes. They are moistened with cotton and applied for a few minutes for 10 days.You can also make a compress of parsley, infusing it for 20 minutes and diluted with milk. Compress the affected area daily.

Preventing the occurrence of spider veins on the face

Naturally, the appearance of stars on the face is easier to prevent than to cure. To do this, you need to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which most contribute to the following vitamins P, C and K.

Vitamin P reduces capillary fragility and helps to increase their resistance to various harmful factors. This vitamin is rich in apples, apricots and citrus. Vitamin C, which is found in lemon, cabbage, and other foods, helps strengthen the walls of capillaries, and vitamin K increases them by reducing permeability. They are rich in wild rose, nettle, etc.

We should not forget about healthy eating in general and review your diet. In addition, you should give up bad habits, because they often cause the appearance of stars on the face.

Stars on his feet: how to get rid

Asterisks on the legs are removed in most cases with the help of invasive or conservative therapy. In the first case, if the diameter of the lesion is less than 0.2 mm, then it is eliminated by microthermococoagulation, in which the sprocket is exposed to a thin electrode.The procedure lasts about 20 minutes.

If the diameter of the spider is greater than 0.2 mm, then microsclerotherapy is most often used. During this procedure, a special preparation is injected with a very fine needle. He sticks together the lumen of the capillaries.

As for the conservative methods, among them should be highlighted:

  • therapeutic exercises;
  • drugs and ointments that are aimed at strengthening the walls of blood vessels and stimulating blood flow;
  • lymphatic drainage massage;
  • special medical underwear.

Preventing the occurrence of spider veins on the legs

To avoid the appearance of stars on your feet, it is recommended to refuse fatty foods. Another very important thing is not to wear high-heeled shoes, at least often. Experts also recommend sleeping with slightly elevated legs. To do this, you can put a pillow under them. It is also advised to lie down for 20 minutes with raised legs during the day.

Tight socks, stockings and tights should be replaced with loose underwear that does not tightly fit your leg. Blood must circulate freely through the vessels, for which it is necessary to abandon the habit of sitting in the “leg-to-foot” position.Sports are also good for strengthening the blood vessels of the legs.