How to get rid of child imperfections

How to get rid of child imperfectionsIgnoring the child’s weaknesses, refusing to help the child during his struggle with his own weaknesses
How often parents do not recognize the weaknesses of the child, do not do anything to eliminate them. How difficult it is for the child to get rid of its imperfections.

First, he has not yet developed the skill of self-awareness and his own psyche resembles an unexplored continent, on which maps have not yet been drawn.

Secondly, its potential for self-improvement and self-development is still in its infancy.

At this moment in life, friendly observers are so important to him, who will help him realize his own weaknesses and support him in the difficult process of getting rid of imperfections.


Parents of a cyclothymic child are often fascinated by his vitality. However they should

  • help develop impulse control;
  • help more intelligently plan time, do not be late;
  • learn to observe a certain mode;
  • teach you to somehow structure life, plan it; restore order;
  • teach not to postpone everything for the last moment;
  • dispense parties;
  • somehow curb the principle of pleasure.


Parents of an epileptoid child need to think about how

  • reduce the love of power of the child;
  • reduce his desire to control everything and impose his will on everyone;
  • reduce the desire to kill everyone if they do not do what the child wants;
  • reduce the desire to impose their will on others;
  • to teach a child to manage his easy-to-come anger;
  • teach the child to do something for the family, help around the house;
  • help the child understand others, listen to other people, compromise, do something for others;
  • help overcome laziness and sit down to engage.


Parents of a schizoid child, lulled by the intellectual success of their offspring, need to help the child learn the following:

  • at least to some extent to understand others;
  • communicate;
  • notice family problems and do something for the family;
  • help around the house;
  • to become more independent in everyday life, to serve oneself, to solve the simplest everyday and everyday problems.


Parents need to help an asthenic child.

  • increase self-esteem;
  • learn to stand up for yourself;
  • learn to say no;
  • learn to reduce their anxiety and fear;
  • learn to establish symmetrical relationships with people;
  • think more about your own interests and defend them;
  • improve communication skills and make friends.


Hysterical child parents should help

  • reduce self-centeredness, excessive self-love;
  • increase attention to others;
  • not to shift your responsibilities to others;
  • learn to do something for the family, help around the house;
  • overcome laziness and sit down to study.


Parents should do this jewelry work constantly, day by day. But their titanic work will be rewarded by the fact that next to them grows a happy being, warming them with their love and care.

In addition, by showing their intelligent care for the child, helping it to become more perfect, they provide help to the child, which is still not obvious, the results of which will manifest only after 15-20 years. Giving a child a correct example of attitude towards children, parents, without knowing it, help him to draw up the correct program “My future family” and a reasonable model of his future parental role.


Useful tips:

1.How good it would be if from the first years of life parents understood the nature of the child and the weaknesses inherent in this character.

2. Help your child analyze himself and develop his self-awareness skill.

3. Become his friendly ally in his struggle with his own weaknesses.

4. Do not uproot his shortcomings, but help him become stronger and more perfect.