How to flash iPhone 4?

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How to flash iPhone 4?

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How to flash iPhone 4?

Any phone needs to be upgraded over time. When choosing a new firmware, you should pay attention only to official releases, which are safe for an expensive device.

In our article we will look at how to flash iPhone 4 in order to have more features without harming the device itself.

Before replacing the software, you should prepare:

  • The device itself is with a charged battery;
  • Cable to connect;
  • Serviceable PC;
  • ITunes.

The manufacturing company maximally simplified the firmware process, thanks to which a regular user can handle it.

Flashing smartphone

The option of flashing the iPhone 4 using Recovery Mode is extremely simple and straightforward. Starting the firmware, you should hold down two buttons: �Home� and �Power�. Having kept them pressed for a few seconds, white stripes can be seen on the screen. After that, the smartphone will turn on again, but now in Recovery mode. The confirmation of the actions will be the image of the cable and the iTunes icon on the screen.

In this state, the phone connects to the PC on which the iTunes application runs. The program will check the latest updates and help install the latest firmware version. Then it will display the device being flashed in Recovery mode. After that, the user can start the update process.

Pressing the Shift key and continuing to hold it, you need to click on the Restore item and select a new previously downloaded firmware. The files will be updated, after which it will be possible to use the device.

Now you know how to flash iPhone 4 and be able to do it at home, saving money on the services of a service center.