How to draw spray can?

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How to draw spray can?

Spray drawing is a fairly popular hobby of modern youth. If you decide to master this art form, but do not know where to start and how to paint with a spray can, then we suggest you read our article. Here we will talk about what the retailer needs (this is the one who draws graffiti with a spray can), and also will tell you about some rules of drawing with a spray can and give useful tips.

How to draw graffiti with spray can

Step One - Creating a Sketch

First, take a piece of paper, a simple pencil, crayons, helium pens, or felt-tip pens. Creating a graffiti for a beginner begins with drawing a sketch. The sketch is a sketch of the future graffiti on the wall. Using a simple pencil, outline the contours of the future drawing, then make them brighter and clearer, then paint with markers or pens as it will look on the wall. After the full sketch is ready, you can proceed to the next step.

Step two - preparation of materials

To get started, prepare the necessary paint cans of the desired colors. Then you need to prepare caps - tips on cylinders. Consider that you will need caps more than spray cans. Firstly, each cartridge should have its own cap, and secondly, you should have additional caps, as they are often clogged with paint, and in the process of creating graffiti they have to be changed. Before you draw, you need to check whether the cap is installed correctly. You can do this by spraying a test portion of paint on an inconspicuous section of the wall.

Also, of course, we take a sketch with us. And be sure to take with you protective equipment - gloves (to save hands from staining) and a respirator (for protection of respiratory organs). In principle, this is all that is needed.

Step Three - Graffiti Painting

The sketch is drawn, all the necessary materials are prepared, and you can start drawing with a spray can! The video on this page will clearly show you how to draw with a spray can. We will focus on the main points.

  1. The best weather for drawing with a spray can is warm and windless. In the cold, rain and wind, firstly, you yourself will not be comfortable and pleasant to work, and secondly, the paint will go bad and dry.
  2. Take the sketch in hand, carefully examine it, estimate how best it will be possible to embody it on the wall.
  3. Wear protective equipment - respirator and gloves.
  4. Prepare the surface for graffiti. It should be a clean, flat, vertical surface. Usually graffiti is painted on the walls. Be careful with choosing a place for your creativity, in some public places drawing graffiti is prohibited, so you can get vandalism! Best suited primed surface or porous concrete. If you are going to paint on metal, then pre-degrease the surface with a solvent.
  5. We draw according to the following scheme: first we transfer the sketch to the wall, then draw the background sketch, then the background itself, and then the graffiti contour, drawing the details of the graffiti is the final stage. When applying the paint, you may find one trouble: it can start to leak. This problem is quite common, and to reduce the risk of leakage, you should choose the right paint. Firstly, it should not be the cheapest, secondly, it should be suitable for the expiration date, thirdly, the paint from the cylinder when pressed on it with an average force should go evenly. But it happens that these conditions do not help to avoid stains.To remedy the situation, you need to wait until the dribbled paint has dried, and then paint it with the background color.
  6. After you finish the graffiti, do not forget to put a tag - a kind of letter written by Reiter for graffiti. This is considered a good tone among writers.

We briefly told you how to paint graffiti with spray cans. The rest is your ongoing practice, as well as training in video tutorial masters. Good luck!