How to draw eyes in stages?

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How to draw eyes in stages?

Today we will talk about how to draw eyes in stages. In order to beautifully and correctly portray the eye, it is necessary to have a general idea of ​​its uncomplicated anatomy. It is important to remember that the eye consists of eyelids (upper and lower), protein, iris, pupil, lacrimal canal. In addition, of course, you need not forget about eyebrows and eyelashes. Also when drawing it is important to consider the location of the eye in the eye socket.

How beautiful to draw eyes: instructions

Someone more convenient to draw, starting with the iris and pupil, someone - with external circuits. In our example, we will draw the eye, starting with the outlines.

  1. Outline the contours of the eye with light pressure lines. To do this, draw an almond-shaped elongated semi-oval (upper part), then draw the lower eyelid (semi-slightly smaller width). Remember that the upper part (upper eyelid) is larger than the lower (lower eyelid). The upper eyelid should be drawn with a stronger pressure of the pencil than the lower eyelid.Draw eyes
  2. We denote the thickness of the upper eyelid, depict folds and small wrinkles near the lower eyelid in thin lines, marking them on paper with light strokes.
  3. It is important to depict the lacrimal canal in the inner corner of the eye, in shape it resembles a small triangle.
  4. Approximately in the middle of the eye, draw a larger circle - the iris - and inside it - a smaller circle, that is, a pupil. It is desirable that the lower part of the circumference of the iris a little did not reach the border of the lower eyelid.
  5. Shade the iris. It is advisable to make it neat strokes in one direction. Make the pupil black.
  6. In order to give the eye greater realism, it is important to leave bright places on the iris (can be lightened with an eraser).
  7. Slightly shade the inner corner of the eye, for this it is neatDraw eyesshade It is desirable that the dashed lines are located in one direction.
  8. We also draw the shadows under the lower eyelid to give our eyes more expressiveness and realism. To do this, gently apply strokes under the edge of the lower eyelid.
  9. In order that the shadows do not look very contrasting and sharp, you can walk on them with an eraser or a feather.
  10. Now draw the eyelashes. Do not forget that they grow mainly in the upward direction and from the edge of the century.The lacrimal duct of eyelashes is much smaller. In the upper eyelid, they are longer and grow much thicker than in the lower one.

After you have finished drawing, carefully and if possible impartially examine your drawing and try to assess how close your image is to the original. It may be necessary to darken the shadows on the eyelids a little or to lighten some areas.

Perhaps for the first time it will seem to you that the drawing was not entirely successful, but after practicing a little more, you will be able to achieve a result that is quite acceptable for you. Draw with pleasure!