How to draw evil?

Anna Mikhailova
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How to draw evil?

Evil on paper want to portray very many. Thinking over how to draw good and evil, various images emerge in the imagination. If the role of good can be chosen angels, fairies, a child, then the role of evil is most often demons or the devil, who can sit surrounded by flames and is the personification of absolute evil. Many in the form of evil choose a slim figure in a hood with a scythe. As a rule, both of them depend only on the artist�s imagination, which sometimes gives out the most unexpected plots. But in this article we propose to draw a demon as evil.

Drawing a demon

Before you draw an evil demon, you should think carefully about the details of his appearance, so that later it would be easier to portray them. Then you can take a sheet of paper and a pencil, and outline the composition of the picture. If in addition to the demon on the sheet will be present other objects and characters, then you should take a place on paper and them. Light strokes should be noted top, bottom and width of the body of the demon.Then you should divide the figure into details: an oval of the head, arms, torso, legs, and gradually add specifics, highlighting the angle of rotation of the head, rotation of the torso, movement of the arm, and so on. As a result, the figure of the demon must take shape in the picture.

After that, you can erase the extra lines and think, perhaps in his hands you can draw any objects. Now it is necessary to designate the shape of the wings of the demon, for this the shape of the wings of the angels is quite suitable, only of a dark color, you can draw them broken, either torn and thin, like a bat, or like a dragon's strong and with spikes. The body of the demon can be decorated with a tattoo, and the head with horns or long hair. The main thing is that all the details are in harmony with each other. After that, you can draw the lines of the muscles on the body of your evil, and move on to the smaller details - ears, claws, details of clothes and the face of the demon. First, you should outline the location of the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. As soon as an organic combination of shapes and sizes is found, you can proceed to their more detailed drawing.

And in conclusion, it is necessary to refine the drawing, erasing the unnecessary and strongly outlining contour.After that you can draw the entourage pictures.