How to draw a spider?

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How to draw a spider?

Before you learn how to draw a spider, learn some interesting facts about them. The structure of the spiders is unique, namely, the location of the skeleton outside the body. Consider that there are over 30,000 different types of spiders! This simple lesson will help you learn and learn how to draw a pencil spider and you will have the opportunity to choose which spider you draw - scary or funny. Spider is familiar to us, first of all with its eight legs and they have differences that should be considered:

  • The hind legs are longer than the front and those in the middle are slightly shorter.
  • Do not forget the small fangs near the eyes.
  • Spiders have a very diverse color, so you can choose almost any color palette.

After reviewing the image of the spider can be seen that all the legs are composed of five parts. Note also that the abdomen of the spider is larger than the head. Look carefully at how the legs are drawn. Let's try to draw a funny spider and learn how to draw a spider in stages, using mostly circles and lines.First, draw a circle for the body and one smaller for the head. Then add details like eyes and fangs. We will cheat a little by drawing simple three lines of legs. For better readability, I decided to use only six legs. It would be more accurate to draw eight paws, but not necessarily six can look more beautiful. Drawing an evil spider is not so difficult if you understand the basics of their anatomy. Do not forget that most spiders eat insects that are considered irritants to humans. But be kind to them! There is even a superstition that the spider in the house symbolizes well-being, and if you offend it, then well-being will leave the house.

  • Draw a hexagon, it will be the base of the chest. Then draw a belly in the form of a large circle.
  • Draw eight bent lines to make four pairs of legs and circle them with a pencil, sharpening their tips.
  • Now, let's start making out the chest and abdomen. Consider the body of the spider is not always uniform. It has some distorted shapes.
  • Let's draw a bell shape in the middle of the head to get the correct position of the eyes and follow the bell line, draw 4 circles each.
  • Start forming the top of the head. Draw fangs for the jaw. The spider has eight legs and eight eyes, which are drawn very simply - these are circles on the head, which we drew earlier.
  • The last step is very simple. We will add hair to the legs. This makes the spider more like the present.

Now you know how to draw a spider with a pencil that looks like a cartoon character and why you shouldn’t offend him!