How to draw a pencil?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
March 6, 2013
How to draw a pencil?

Learning to draw, of course, is an entertaining process, but you can’t call it simple. We must have patience, because not everything works the first time. From our article you will learn how to draw a pencil. Following the instructions, you can easily depict it on paper.

  • We take a landscape sheet, an eraser and a simple pencil. Next we recommend putting a visual aid: the pencil itself.
  • At first we draw the scheme. To do this, we diagonally draw a straight line, this is the middle of the pencil. At the edges we put points - the centers of the endings. Draw axes and draw circles, upper one is smaller, lower one is larger.
  • The middle line of the pencil, to the bottom extend a little and put a point. This will be the tip of the rod.
  • Now we connect the circles. We draw two parallel lines from the sides of one circle to another. Since we look at the pencil as if from the side, the circles are not quite appropriate. They must be converted into ovals. To do this, horizontally make them smaller, smoothly smooth the edges.
  • Now we draw straight lines from the lower oval, connecting them at the point of the rod tip. We get a cone.From its summit we step back a little towards the larger oval. Draw another oval. It will be slate.
  • Now we will enter rectangles in the large and small ovals. This is necessary in order to draw the edges of the pencil. We connect them straight: the upper left corner of the larger rectangle with the smaller one, then the upper right corner of the larger rectangle with the smaller one and the lower right corners. We will need another facet. To do this, we put dots at the intersection of the horizontal axes with the edges of the ovals, connect them. So, we had 4 lines and we got 3 faces. Something too smooth edges came out with us in the place of the pad, it is necessary to correct. To do this, we will connect the edges at the beginning of the pencil with each other not by straight lines, but by arcs, the beginning and end of which will coincide with the faces, and the convex part will look towards the slate.
  • The pencil is ready. It remains to bring the contours, erase the auxiliary lines and paint.

Now you know how to draw a pencil. Do not be upset if the first time, not everything will turn out. A little workout and everything will be fine.

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