How to determine the breed of a dog?

There may be several cases when it is necessary to know how to determine the breed of a dog.

When you need to know the breed of dog

First, often, puppies are not acquired in special clubs, but from acquaintances, as advertised in newspapers, on the Internet, etc. It’s not a fact that a purebred shepherd or spitz puppy will be sold to you, therefore, before you buy, be sure to study the criteria that a dog of a particular breed must meet. Pay attention to the fact of its size.

Secondly, quite often people with a good heart pick puppies on the street. While the dog is small, it seems to meet the criteria of a bulldog or collie, but over time, the puppy, growing up, changes its external data. And then its new owners, they do not know where to put the dog, because they hoped that it was a purebred puppy, but in fact, it turns out that it does not.

To avoid such problems and save your child or other family members from possible stressful situations, when you decide whether to give the dog to the shelter or not, look through the special literature.

How to determine the breed of dog

If someone of your friends is engaged in dog breeding, then you can show him a stray dog. This will allow you to immediately find out information about whether he belongs to a breed or not. You can contact the professional dog trainers who work in clubs. After consulting, you decide for yourself whether you need a particular animal in the house or not.

If you are interested in the question of how to find out the breed of a dog that you purchased from the seller through an ad in the newspaper, read the special literature. There is an "Atlas of dog breeds" - this book is widely known to dog breeders since the times of the USSR and is still in demand. Moreover, you do not need to go to the bookstore and purchase this book, since it is available on the Internet. Follow this link: In this book there are many interesting facts that are required to know, as people who are just trying to get a dog, and experienced dog breeders.

As in many areas, in dog breeding, certain changes occur over time. They concern not only the care of puppies, but also the criteria that dogs of a particular breed must meet.Therefore, it is recommended to review several sources of information in order to arrive at the correct single conclusion, which concerns the criteria specific to your dog.

There are many websites on the Internet that help identify the breed of dog. Moreover, some of them posted photos. Although, of course, it is only the specialist who has been engaged in dogs for a long time to know the exact breed of the dog from the photo. Beginners tend to miss small details in the exterior of the dog in the photo, which are very important for determining its breed. Thus, it is better to focus on textual information and specific figures, for example, the size of a dog along its length, the height of a dog at the withers, etc. Here you can find detailed information on each breed of dog on these resources: and. All descriptions of dogs on these resources are arranged in alphabetical order, so it will be easier to find specific information.