How to decorate a bottle?

A beautifully decorated bottle of whiskey, wine, champagne, vodka or brandy can be an original gift. In addition, tastefully decorated bottles become a real decoration of the holiday table. That is why, the question of how to decorate a bottle interests many people. Let's try to understand this issue in more detail.

How to decorate a bottle with your own hands

The easiest way to decorate the bottle is using the decoupage technique. Thanks to her, you can make hearts, stars, cupids, flowers, etc. on the bottle. Before proceeding to the direct decoration of the bottle, you should prepare all the necessary consumables. For work you will need: glue for "decoupage", napkins, varnish, acrylic paints, various shapes and sizes of glitter.

Cover the entire surface of the bottle in bright colors with acrylic paint. Cut out the necessary pattern from the napkin and glue it to the bottle with decoupage glue. Decorate the surface of the bottle with sparkles and cover with acrylic varnish. Hang a small bow on the neck of the bottle. That's it, your bottle is ready.

How to decorate a bottle of champagne

Virtually no celebration is complete without a bottle of champagne on the festive table. With this drink most often begins a festive feast. Therefore, many hostess celebrations are trying to decorate a bottle of champagne as original as possible.

Champagne bottle can be decorated with special acrylic dyes and napkins for decoupage. If you can draw, a variety of patterns are applied to the surface of the champagne bottle. After you finish painting the bottle, cover your creation with a thin layer of acrylic varnish.

How to decorate the bottle for the wedding

According to the tradition that has developed in Russia, two bottles of champagne are put on the table of the young people, which are tied together with a red ribbon. But in recent years there has appeared a fashion for decorating bottles. Consider how to decorate the champagne for the wedding:

  • Put the groom's suit and the bride's dress on the champagne bottles. These suits can be bought in the wedding salon or sew yourself. In addition to the costumes, you can use other wedding accessories (veil, tie, butterfly, boutonniere, etc.).
  • Bottles for the wedding can be decorated with ribbons, beads, artificial or fresh flowers.
  • Make a list of wedding bottles with the date of marriage, the names of the newlyweds. As the pattern is usually used hearts or doves.
  • Bottles of champagne beautifully tied with ribbons and placed in an exquisite lace basket.

The festive table looks very nice when champagne bottles are decorated in the same style as the wedding glasses of the bride and groom.

How to decorate a plastic bottle

Usually they only decorate glass bottles and do not pay attention to plastic. However, from a plastic bottle you can make a real masterpiece. Pasting a plastic bottle in several layers with pieces of white paper using regular stationery glue. After the paper dries, carefully grease the surface of the bottle with white glue and tightly wrap the bottle with string. When the string is firmly glued to the bottle, glue the seashells to its surface. Grease the intervals between the shells with glue and sprinkle with coarse sand. After your creation is completely dry, cover the bottle with a thin layer of varnish on top.