How to curl hair curling?

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How to curl hair curling?

To make a beautiful styling with neat elastic curls with curling, you need to know a few secrets. They will allow you to create really beautiful hairstyles and not spoil the hair.

Preparation for perm

In order to properly curl the hair with a curling iron, it is necessary to approach the issue of hair preparation with full responsibility. So, the hair must be dry and clean, because:

  • Wet hair in the process of heating will give water - that is, in fact, on such a delicate and fragile surface of the hair, water will boil and evaporate. This will cause an increase in the fragility of the curls, their dryness and pain;
  • It is strictly forbidden to electro-wave hairs coated with varnish, foam or other styling mixtures - such substances can easily catch fire during heating, which will cause serious hair damage. Instead, it is recommended to treat the hair before styling the heat protection compound with a curling iron.Firstly, they will protect the curls from overheating, and secondly, they will allow the curling hair to curl quickly, making curls more flexible and strong.

Also, make sure that the strands are well combed, otherwise fractures will appear at the site of the nodules formed during the processing of the curling.

As for curling, stop your choice on tools with ceramic or Teflon coating - it provides a more uniform heating of the hair along the entire length and does not injure strands so much.

Also note that by varying the diameter of the curling, you can create curls of different shapes. So, for example, for volume it would be better to curl short hair with a curling iron of a wider diameter. But long or medium hair can be curled with a narrower curling hair - then you get very nice flowing curls.

Curling curling

To curl long hair with a curling hair (as well as medium or short), first select four large strands - one on the back of the head, two on the sides of the head and one in front (from cushion to bangs). With the help of special hairdressing clips (or in another way) fix the beams that are not needed so far, leaving one for work.This will allow hair not to mess. The order of curling hair is better to choose this: the occipital part, lateral bunches, frontal parietal zone.

You will also need to decide on how long you will curl your hair. This can be done only on the tips or along the entire length. At the same time to curl hair beautifully curling, it is recommended to leave intact 5-7 cm of hair from the roots.

Curling ironFurther follow this algorithm:

  1. From a large strand, select one smaller strand (the optimal width, which the curling iron warms up well, is 2 to 2.5 cm).
  2. Fix it on the curling iron using a clip (if your tool is equipped with this element) so that the curling iron is perpendicular to the strand, or press the tips of the hair with your fingers (for this you can buy special heat-resistant gloves).
  3. Now translate the curling iron into a vertical position and wind a strand of hair on it, rotating the tool around the axis.
  4. In this position, hold the desired time (no more than 20 seconds) and, releasing the tips, carefully remove the curling iron from the curl.
  5. So create the right amount of curls.

In order for the hair not to stray into one big curl, it would be better to alternately twist the strands in different directions.Wrap the first strands from your face, wrap the second strands towards you, the third strands from you, and so on.

If at the end you want to divide the strands into smaller curls, then apply wax on your fingertips for styling and gently walk them along the strands, forming the desired styling. At the very end, a small amount of lacquer can be sprayed onto the hair.

For installation, you can choose an alternative method, which has become very popular due to its simplicity:

  1. Divide hair into strands of desired width.
  2. From each strand braid pigtail.
  3. Lock the hair ends.
  4. Walk on pigtails ironing.
  5. Allow hair to cool and unravel braids.

You will get a laying of light careless waves - a worthy replacement for a more time-consuming curling curling.