How to connect WiFi router ZyXEL?

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How to connect WiFi router ZyXEL?

When it comes to ZyXEL WiFi routers, one of the Keenetic models is usually implied - it is in this series that ZyXEL consumer routers with a wireless access point have been launched in recent years. Therefore, in the article on how to connect a ZyXEL WiFi router, we will look at the configuration using the example of ZyXEL Keenetic with firmware V2. If you are interested in any other models, read about the general principles of customization in our article How to connect a WiFi router. Also, the necessary answer can be found in the section Configuring and Connecting the Internet on our website.

Connecting the ZyXEL router

Before setting up your WiFi router, you must first connect it to the Internet. To do this, turn on the router, connect the ISP cable to the WAN port, and connect the LAN port with a network cable to the computer.

Now open the address in a web browser. To log in, enter admin in the Login field and 1234 in the Password field. On the main page, click the button in the form of a globe to get to the "Internet" section.

Select the �IPoE� tab and click on the �ISP - Broadband connection� link. In the window that appears, check the "Enable" and "Use to access the Internet."In the �IP Settings Setting� menu, select �Manual� and fill in all the fields with data received from your ISP. You need to specify your external IP-address, network mask, the address of the main gateway and the DNS servers of the provider.

If your provider only allows computers with registered MAC addresses to connect to the network, you need to configure this parameter as well. If you are setting up just on a registered computer, simply select �Take from your PC� in the �MAC Address� menu. If the computer is different, select the �Enter manually� option and select the required MAC.

After setting, click "Apply".

Now you can proceed to setting up WiFi. To do this, click the button at the bottom of the page as a signal indicator to get to the �Wi-Fi Network> Access Point� page. Check the �Enable access point� box. Enter the name of your future network in the SSID field, and in the "Network protection" field, select the encryption method - WPA2-PSK is best. In the "Network key" field, enter the password that you will use to connect to WiFi.

When finished, click "Apply".