How to connect the wire to the outlet?

November 26, 2014
How to connect the wire to the outlet?

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How to connect the wire to the outlet?

In order to properly connect the wire to the outlet, it is necessary to understand that each outlet is individually or as a part of a group connected to a circuit breaker in the dashboard at the entrance site. How exactly - shown in the diagram.

Outlet connection

We will assume that all the preliminary work on knocking out a place under the socket, installing the junction box and carrying out the wires have been completed. You can proceed to the direct connection of wires.

  1. First of all, we check with a tester that the wires are not energized.
  2. Now we clean the wires, removing the outer insulation down to the wall itself and the shell of all the veins by about 1 cm.
  3. On the outlet itself, unscrew the central screw and remove the cap.power socket
  4. A little unscrew mounting screws.
  5. In order to properly connect the socket, the bare wires must be connected to the appropriate terminals. From left to right we connect: “phase”, “grounding”, “zero”.
  6. After connecting the socket, insert it into the mounting box and fix the screws in the mounting feet.
  7. At the end of the work we cover the socket with a lid and fix it too.

A slightly different phone socket connection technology.