How to congratulate in contact?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 25, 2015
How to congratulate in contact?

As a user of the social network, you can not only chat with friends, listen to music or play various games. VKontakte also gives its users the opportunity to congratulate each other in person or in public.

Someone from your friends online is planning a holiday? Learn how to congratulate him in contact.

We select congratulations

You can send a greeting to a friend with several options:

  • personal message;
  • publicly on the user page.

Personal congratulations

If you decide to send a greeting through personal correspondence, in this case, no one except the recipient can see it.

There are a lot of variants of congratulations: from a simple congratulatory poem to a video card. You can pick up a beautiful poem / greeting or prepare a postcard, a musical greeting or a slide with a greeting in advance, and then attach it to the message.

Another interesting greeting option could be a video greeting.You can create it on various sites. As an example, you can use the site. Working with the application is pretty easy. You need to select the appropriate video, upload and edit the photo and, adding it to the video, get a link that should be sent to the birthday man.

Public greeting

Unlike a personal message, a greeting attached to a user's wall can be seen by all of his friends. In addition to a text message, you can also attach a video, audio greeting or a picture / photo here.

Postcard Generator

On the social network VKontakte there are quite a lot of different applications with which you can make a beautiful postcard. You can use both ready-made options, for example, from the application, and your own, which can be downloaded using the "Add" button in the same application.

Create your card on the computer will help various sites. For example, on the site you can make both regular and musical postcards.

Remember, whatever greeting you choose, it must be unique and made from the heart. Then it will be truly appreciated.You should not copy large poems from the Internet, you can just write a few lines with which to express your attitude towards a person.


Also, to please a person, you can send him gifts, which are stored on the user’s page. Gifts can be both paid and free, information about this can be found in the tab "Gifts" on the main page.