How to cause a hedgehog?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
July 17, 2012
How to cause a hedgehog?

When a conversation about perfume comes, many people remember their barefoot childhood with a smile. It was interesting and, at the same time, scary, turning off the lights in the room to say spells with friends. With some trepidation, they awaited the appearance of a candy gnome or a peak lady, a devil or a drunken hedgehog.

From generation to generation, these spells are transmitted. And if you are ready to test by your own experience whether there are spirits in fact, or they are the fruit of violent children's imagination, then this article is just what you need. Here you will learn all about how to call a hedgehog.

It turns out that hedgehogs are

  • Drunk They, in turn, are divided into good and evil.
  • Matt (or abusive).

Each type of hedgehogs is called differently. But one thing in common is still present. In order for the hedgehog to hear, the spell must be uttered by at least two people. And the more people will cause a hedgehog, the greater the likelihood that he will come.

So call all your friends and choose which hedgehog you will call.

How to cause a drunken hedgehog (good)

  1. You take a saucer and pour any alcoholic drink into it.
  2. You put the saucer in the corner.
  3. Turn off the light.
  4. All those present should climb up with their feet on the sofa so that the hedgehog, when it runs to the saucer, doesn’t pinch its legs with needles.
  5. Then three times you repeat the spell with your friends: “Hedgehog, come!”.
  6. It should be 30 seconds.
  7. And three more times you need to say: "Hedgehog, come!".
  8. After some time, you should hear the stamping. This hedgehog came to the saucer. Then you will hear him lacquering from the saucer. And having cried in, the hedgehog will leave, stamping loudly and stumbling (he is drunk).

How to cause a drunken hedgehog (evil)

  1. Evil drunk hedgehog cause in the toilet in complete darkness.
  2. All present should stand around the toilet.
  3. We need to hold hands and say: "Drunk hedgehog, come!".
  4. Whoever is closest to the sink button should flush the toilet.
  5. After some time, a small luminous ball should pop out of the toilet bowl.
  6. He will begin to rise and grow.
  7. Only the ball will appear, you need to immediately run out of the toilet. Anyone who did not have time to do this, a wicked drunken hedgehog (it is understandable why wicked, since it came to the toilet) can singe his hair or blind him forever.

How to cause a hedgehog

  1. You tie 3 knots on a string and pull it over a cup of water.
  2. Turn off the light.
  3. All those present say: "Hedgehog, appear!". Spell repeat 3 times.
  4. Hedgehog begins to run down the string, stumble over the knots and foul. And, stumbling over the third bundle, will fall into the water. Get ready to take notes. In such a situation, not only dumb.

If you decide on such experiments, do not be lazy to unsubscribe in the comments that you got from this venture. After all, the question: “Does the world of spirits exist or not?” Continues to haunt the minds of the younger generation to this day.