How to buy a designer dress

The main place where you can buy clothes from the famous brand are boutiques. Go shopping at your favorite mall, where there are such departments. Define in advance for yourself what you are looking for - it will be easier for you not to get lost among the wide range of boutique.
Be aware of all sales and discounts, then the designer thing will cost you much cheaper. However, the joy she brings no less, and you can buy several things for the price of one.
If you are planning a trip abroad - then this is a great opportunity to walk through the famous shops of fashion capitals. In Paris, Milan, New York DesigndressIt will be guaranteed by this, the risk of buying a fake will be negligible. In addition, prices are much lower there, for example Moscow, and the choice of models will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.
Be wary of buying a thing out of fashion. To do this, follow the ideas of leading brands and designers: view the latest collection of shows, read fashion magazines such as “Elle”, “Marie Clair” and others.
In case you are limited in funds, do not hesitate to stock. They do not have old, worn things - this is not second-hand. There they usually rent new clothes that for some reason did not fit the previous owner: because of the size, cut, style, etc.
Look for dresses from young Russian designers. Maybe the fashion industry in Russia is not as well developed as in France, but there are many talented fashion designers here as well. In addition to good quality and diverse design, such gizmos will be pleased with a reasonable price and practicality.