How to build a ladder yourself

First, determine the type of ladder. In this issue you need to think about the intensity of its operation. The staircase should be primarily comfortable and safe. Its location can be one of the decisive factors when choosing a type. If you decide to arrangethe ladder�in a large hall or lobby, it is extremely not recommended to use the semi-reverse and screw type. The fact is that the bottom surfaces visible from the entrance to the house will not decorate the room. The sloping and sloping surface impairs the spatial perception of the room interior. The staircase, which is located in the hall or vestibule, should be turned to the entrance only with its front or side façade.
Do not forget about the aesthetic qualities. Those stairs that have open steps, in most cases, lose in appearance to the stairs with closed steps.The appearance of the stairs must be combined with the interior and exterior of the house. This is one of the factors that affects not only the choice of the type of stairs, but also the aesthetic prestige of the house as a whole.
Pay special attention to the choice of material for work. Stairs located outside the house will be constantly subjected to severe tests. It will constantly have a strong impact weather. For basements and unheated rooms, ladders should also be made of materials that are resistant to high humidity and temperature fluctuations. Remember, moisture can create a slippery film on the steps. In this case, it is better to abandon structures that have polished tread surfaces.
The most simple to manufacture are single-ended straight stairs. The most difficult are single-march circular and screw ones. Interfloorthe ladder�It is recommended to be made of wood. Outdoorthe ladder�It is best to lay out bricks, concrete slabs.