How to build a bath

Make a bath plan. Decide what the maximum number of people will be soared in the bath. Depending on this, calculate the volume of water tanks, the size of the steam room and the dressing room. Even if a pond will be located not far from the future bath, you will still need water in the bath. After you make a bath project, choose a place for future construction. The most convenient option is a well at the site from which water would flow through pipes directly intobathhouse. Also consider electrical wiring, if available.
You can start laying the foundation, which is the basis of any building. The type of foundation depends on the specific conditions of the area: it can be columnar or tape. Keep in mind that when choosing a column foundation, you will have to drill a hole manually or call a drilling machine with a hand drill. The material of the walls of the bath is of great importance in the construction. You can fully build a real chopped bath, or you can only stack a steam bath from a log house, making a dressing-room out of frame walls. The brick version of the bath is also quite acceptable.The main thing is to keep the walls warm for a long time and not to let the cold through.
The next important step in the construction of the bath is the construction of the furnace. Russian bath differs from the Finnish sauna in the presence of a brick stove (heater). Such a furnace is a complex engineering object. Therefore, if you do not have sufficient experience in the construction of such furnaces, then it is best to entrust its construction to a professional stove. When building a furnace, a number of factors are taken into account: the overall size of the bath, the parameters of the steam room, the individual wishes of the owner, etc. This is one of the most important stages of building a bath. From the correctly folded stove will depend on the whole atmosphere of the steam room.
Next - the arrangement of the steam room. It is no secret that the steam room is the main element of any Russian bath. In order to achieve an even distribution of air in the steam room, special attention should be paid to the design and installation of the ventilation system, thermal insulation and vapor barrier. Steam room can sheathe wooden clapboard, but at the same time note that it has different properties. For example, red Canadian cedar will fill your steam room with a wonderful healing aroma.Proper lighting in the Russian bath also creates a cozy atmosphere, but do not forget about security. Ceiling lamps must withstand high temperatures, the handle of the door to the steam room must be made of wood, and near the stove it is best to make decorative fencing to avoid accidental touching it.