How much does the piano weigh?

Irina Saprykina
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How much does the piano weigh?

The question of how much the piano weighs may be relevant for owners of different models of this musical instrument. If in Soviet times all models of the piano were produced according to a certain GOST, then at the present time not all manufacturers adhere to the specified standards. Many factories instead of wood began to use pressed chips, which affected the final weight of the tool.

Consider the model of the piano in groups, each of which has its own weight category. So, the piano models �Belarus�, �Kuban�, �Ukraine�, �Red October� and similar copies weigh in the region of 340-360 kg. They are the most difficult representatives of this type of instrument of the Soviet era.

The following is a group of pianos, created based on the Nocturne model. These are �Swallow�, �Elegy�, �Dawn�. They are not as tall as the previous ones, have a lighter frame and body. Their weight is 230-260 kg.

The weight of modern pianos is simply determined according to their height.So, tools with a height of 105 cm weigh about 190 kg, a height of over 130 cm - about 250 kg.