How is the wedding going?

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How is the wedding going?

Wedding is a religious marriage that is before the Lord. Because of this, the wedding is held in the church. It can be concluded only after the commission of a normal marriage in the registry office.

Church Wedding Rules

Visit the church and sign up for a wedding ceremony. To do this, you need to take with you the resulting marriage certificate from the registry office. Then required to pay the required amount. After that, you will be issued a receipt for the right of the wedding.

Upon arrival at the church confess. Then, as usual, prayer, funeral services and memorial services will be held for one and a half hours. During this time you can change clothes. You will be betrayed after the Divine Liturgy. The young must be at the entrance to the church, and the priest will be at the altar at that moment. Next, the priest will lead the young to the temple in order to create a clean and new life in marriage.

How is the wedding ceremony

  • The priest will begin this rite with the imitation of the pious, who by smoke and prayers drives the demon away from pure marriage.Then he will bless the newlyweds and give them a single candle in their hands. These candles imply a symbol of strong love, as well as the purity of the relationship between wife and husband. Then the priest says the prayers. These prayers will be about the continuation of kinship and the salvation of the newlyweds.
  • The wedding ceremony continues in the church by the order of the priest, the bride and groom, and their guests should bow their heads before the Lord, in order to receive the blessing from the Most High. At the same time, the priest continues to read the prayer to the Lord.
  • Then the priest takes the groom's ring and puts it on, thrice baptizing and saying the cherished words. Then he will also put the ring on the bride herself. The betrothal will end with the exchange of rings between the newlyweds. And so exactly three times in honor and glory of the Holy Trinity. This exchange symbolizes dedication and loyalty to the spouse.
  • After the engagement, the wedding will begin, and this is how the wedding goes. Newlyweds should enter the center of the temple, holding lit candles in their hands. The priest with the censer will go before them. In doing so, he will instruct the bride and groom on good deeds. The newlyweds will meet the chorus with the singing of the psalm, who will bless the marriage.
  • After this, the wedding in the Orthodox Church will be continued by the fact that the bride and groom will go to the lectern, where the crowns, the cross and the Gospel lie. There will be a white towel in front of him, the newly-made young ones should be on him. Then they will confirm all their intentions before God, as well as before each other.
  • Then the priest will say three lengthy prayers. Then he will take the crown and christen the groom to them, give him a kiss on the image of the Savior. Also, the priest will bring the crown and the bride. Next, read the Gospel of John, the sayings of the Apostle Paul and utter a petition from the Church. Then the priest will present the wine to the bridegroom so that he can drink three small sips, after which the bride also has to make it.

One of the last actions will be that the priest will take the right hands from the newlyweds and reunite them, and cover them with his hand from above. Then the priest will circle three times getting married near the lectern. The wedding ceremony at the royal gates will end, where the groom will have to kiss the icon of the Savior, and the bride, in turn, will have the image of the Mother of God, and then vice versa. After this ceremony can be considered complete. If you do not understand how the wedding in the church goes, a video of the ceremony can be found on the Internet.