How do boys dance?

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How do boys dance?

Boys, like girls, love to dance. Therefore, many of them are recorded in clubs and study the chosen direction. It is worth noting that boys prefer faster and more energetic dances, unlike girls. Therefore, we consider how the boys dance and what directions they choose.

There are various dance styles where boys can express themselves. Among them are the following.

Ballroom dancing

A lot of boys choose this direction for many reasons. Some people like the dance itself, others like sports training and discipline, and the third is the opportunity to participate in competitions.

The only negative is the cost of classes and the purchase of costumes. This is a very expensive kind of dance, because of this, over time, many people stop attending classes.

Ballroom dancing will help you learn how to dance different dances, both slow and fast.

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Modern dance

Currently there are quite a few studios offering various dance styles. You can highlight:

  • hip-hop;
  • brakedance;
  • tectonics;
  • drum step

All directions differ in style and their individual features.


Hip-hop is a type of street dance where a dancer can express his individuality. Here is also an important dance acting game that a guy should use.

Here there are elements of various dance styles (break dance, tectonics, drum step), which, if properly used, can create a unique dance.


Break dance is another kind of street dance that is based on funk culture, it is something between rap and electronic culture. Here are the various elements, such as waves, gliding, specific stops and movements. This species was very popular among boys until other trends appeared (tectonics, drum step)


Tectonics - energetic dance to fast music. The tectonic dance direction is a combination of many other directions, such as popping, locking, hip-hop, house, crump, waving and tatting. Here the movements are performed simultaneously with the arms and legs.Tectonics is very popular among young people.

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Drum step

This direction of dancing is suitable for those young people who do not like to make various movements with their hands, since here everything is concentrated on movements with their legs. The guys choose this direction because of the original style and the power load on the muscles of the legs.

Folk dances

This type of dance is practiced by people who love their culture or who have a habit of dancing in the family. Basically, this direction is chosen by guys from small towns.